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The rich industrial history of Ohio helped in producing a number of generous benefactors who assumed the responsibility for creating a number of important and varied museums and most of them are free to the public (including Cleveland travelers) even to this date.

Though the City of Cleveland successfully transitioned from an exclusively industrial economy to a multi faceted economy towards the turn of the 20th century, the art and culture scene has not only remained intact, but has also progressed in tune with the times. The city is dotted with a number of museums each with a different focus and purpose.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, with a history of close to a century is still one of America's most important museums and one which continues to offer free admission.

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The City Club of Cleveland has its origins dating back to 1912 and is forum for exchange of civic thought and ideas. The forum is open to one and all and its Friday forums involve hour long presentations by well known artists, journalists, educators, scientists and prominent politicians.

The Cleveland Children's museum of 1981 origin is another important institution engaged in not just promoting art and culture in the region, but is also actively engaged in helping toddlers in the Cleveland region develop into brighter children through innovative methods of knowledge acquisition. The parents/care givers are also included as a part of these programs so that they have access to modern methods of bringing up children.

The Old Stone Church and the State Theater are further examples of how Cleveland focuses on preserving its art and culture scene.

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