Cleveland Bed And Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts (B&BS) were initially a concept chosen to provide night stay. They have grown from there and now you may settle there for days. Cleveland, Ohio has a number of B&Bs to give you smart staying options.

They are not big and may have just half a dozen rooms for accommodation. These rooms are however kept n best taste to make you feel entirely comfortable. Accessibility may be an issue with some B&Bs but they will arrange genuine car rentals at nice price. This makes them preferable to many than staying in Cleveland hotels. Prices vary according to location and facilities.

Benefits of Cleveland Bed and Breakfast

- Private parking

- Nice bedding

- Complimentary breakfast

- Hi-speed Internet access

- Clean decor

- Jacuzzi in most

When you get into a bed and breakfast, you feel special. There is not the humdrum associated generally with a motel Cleveland. Your room is pretty clean and rollover beds may be available to sneak in an extra adult. They do provide special beds as a habit. You also get a customized bathroom with Jacuzzi facilities, although pools are generally non-existent.

You will find the reception counter and room service delightful. They mostly have their own dining facilities or a close by restaurant to feed your belly. Downtown B&BS are close to important landmarks like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After a good night's rest, you will be treated to a wonderful breakfast that comes in several options.

Most B&Bs have parking facility and that is an added bonus. They may also have a library in their ensemble or common rooms. There will certainly be satellite televisions so that you cannot be bored.

You will do well to check the various B&Bs options online. They may offer great discounts at special times or if you book well in advance.

Cleveland Bed And Breakfast & Official Site Links

1. Brownstone Inn Downtown Bed and Breakfast
3649 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH
Phone:(216) 426-1753
Official Website:

2. Clifford House Bed & Breakfast
1810 W 28th St, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 589-0121
Official Website:

3. Stone Gables Bed And Breakfast
3806 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland, OH
Phone:(877) 215-4326
Official Website:

4. Baricelli Inn
2203 Cornell Rd, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 791-6500
Official Website:

5. The Alcazar
2450 Derbyshire Road, Cleveland Heights, OH
Phone: (216) 321-5400
Official Website:

6. Glendennis Bed and Breakfast
2808 Bridge Avenue, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 589-0663
Official Website:

7. Emerald Necklace Inn
18840 Lorain Rd, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (440) 333-9100
Official Website:

8. Glidden House
1901 Ford Dr, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 231-8900
Official Website:

9. University Circle Bed and Breakfast
1575 East 108th Street, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (866) 735-5960
Official Website:

10. Edgewater Estates Bed & Breakfast
9803 Lake Avenue, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 961-1764
Official Website:

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