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As the home field of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns Stadium hosts lots of huge events yearly. Covering 31 acres of land, the Stadium is capable of seating over 73,200 spectators to watch numerous soccer games and concerts. The Stadium also features two huge video boards and an underground heating system which is utilized to prevent the bluegrass from freezing.

For any football fans that come to Cleveland, a stop at the Browns Stadium is definitely a must. Just like some tourists have put it: there is nothing like a crisp day down by the lake and taking in a game at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. You have to admit that the Cleveland Browns Stadium is history in the making.

Why are you hesitating? Make a visit to the Cleveland Browns Stadium during the next football season! For guys who love self-driving tour, here is some useful information to enhance your trip - parking options near the Stadium.

A couple of Ampco Parking Lots can be found around the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Keep reading to locate a most convenient one for you.

(1) The Northcoast District Port Authority Visitor Parking Lot is situated next to the Northwest Suite Entry of the Stadium. And you can easily find its entrance off the corner of the Erieside Avenue. It's the largest parking lot surrounding the Stadium.

(2) Between the Southwest Gate and the Northwest Gate of the Stadium, there is also a parking lot for driving visitors. It's just located on west of West Third Street and named as the West Third Street Parking Lot. This parking lot makes it very convenient for you to get into the Stadium. Better still, the Ticket Office and Grille Shop are also not far away.

(3) When you come with large or oversized vehicles, you will have to park in the Dock 20 Parking Lot since it's the only parking lot that can accommodate oversized vehicles. It's very close to West 9th Street and within walking distance of both the Northwest Gate and Southwest Gate.

(4) Compared to the Stadium's other parking lots, the Dock 32 is a little far away. It's near the Huntington Park and the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. Maybe, this parking lot is just a good choice for driving visitors coming from South as visitors driving from North can only reach it after crossing the railway.

(5) If you come on a big day and find all the parking lots introduced above are filled to capacity. Don't worry! On the northeast of the Stadium and along the Erieside Avenue, you can find a small parking garage which is known as the Great Lakes Science Center Parking Garage. It's an attached parking facility of the Great Lakes Science Center Museum. There are totally 500 parking spaces but only available for visitors who have pass holders. The entrance is placed off Erieside Avenue, just facing the Stadium.

Parking Spaces for Disabled Visitors offered by the Cleveland Browns Stadium is available in the West Third Street Parking Lot. However, they are vey limited. Apart from handicapped parking lots, there are also two areas for visitors with impairment to drop off and pick up friends or family members. They are situated at the Southeast and Southwest of the Stadium respectively.

Map of All the Parking Lots Surrounding the Stadium

Once the location of each parking lot has been found, your next concern would be the parking rates. Parking fees of all the parking lots provided by the Stadium are unified. You would be charged 25 dollars per car for daily parking. As to large vehicles, the parking fees would be a bit expensive. It would take 40 dollars to park a camper or limo while large bus and motor home would cost 65 dollars. When you pay for parking on exit, remember that only cash is acceptable.

Please be advised that all the parking lots are available on a first come first serve basis. If you prefer to get a parking space prior to your arrival, call 216-367-7915 to make a reservation.

Other parking options are also available for visitors of the Stadium. The Cleveland Browns Stadium has recommended two nearby parking lots and garages for you.

The 12th Street Garage - Located at the corner of Hamilton and 12th Street, this garage offers visitors a discount for Game Day Event. That is to say, if you park here on game day, the parking rate would be only 10 dollars per car. Besides, for those who need to reserve more than 10 parking spaces, package prices are available. With paying 110 dollars, you can get 10 parking passes as well as a tailgating slot. And the price for 20 parking passes and a tailgating slot is only $210.

Canal Basin - It's really a great lot for you to save on parking fees as the rate is 5 dollars. There are 228 parking spaces in total. Plus, tailgating is allowed. Visitors can reach this parking lot at 1519 Merwin Avenue. Buses or RVs are not permitted to park here. No rest facilities are offered. For further information, you can call 216-664-2711.

Willard Park Garage & Surface Lot - Opening from 9 a.m. every day, this garage offers 1,500 parking spaces for visitors. However, spaces would be very limited on weekdays. It's at 601 Lakeside Avenue and the current parking rate is 20 dollars per car. No space is available for buses or RVs. Plus, overnight parking is not allowed. Contact number is 216-664-6121.

Municipal Parking Lot - Providing as more as 2,000 spaces, this is a large parking lot which also offers room for buses and RVs. Onsite restrooms are also included. It's situated at 1500 South Marginal Road and the parking rate is 20 dollars. Overnight parking is not available.

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