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The Cleveland Browns Stadium is housed on the erstwhile Cleveland Municipal Stadium. The Browns franchise was deactivated by its owner and new one christened the Ravens emerged in Baltimore. The Browns was reactivated in 1996 leading to a complete rebuilding of the facility. Lake Erie was identified as the site to submerge the debris from the erstwhile Municipal Stadium and is presently an artificial reef. The new facility for the Browns opened in July 1999.

Apart from their own fixtures, the Browns also host college football games and other football fixtures. Apart from this, the Stadium also hosts several concerts.

In a sharp detour from the orthodox practice of selling naming rights by the new generation American Stadiums, the Browns chose to sell just the names of the gates retaining the larger rights with itself. These rights however expired over a period of time and the there are no naming rights in force present.

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Their traditions are so dear to the Browns that they continue to play on the same site - inspite of the rebuilding - on the shores of Lake Erie itself. Another feather on the cap of the Browns stadium is that 14 players and one coach successfully built their careers on this stadium leading to their landing in the 'Pro Football Hall of Fame', Canton, Ohio.

While retaining the old tradition, the new facility at the Browns Stadium has the playing field running from east to west. However, several modern conveniences and amenities have been added to the Stadium to give it the modern day feel. The facility also blends itself beautifully with its immediate neighbors of recent origin while enhancing the Cleveland travel and tourism scene.

Distinct architectural enhancements provide a more comfortable viewing experience to the attendees including an absorbing view of Cleveland's downtown skyline. A similar effort has also gone into the lighting arrangements at the stadium. The Browns stadium is therefore sure to give you a rewarding experience during your Cleveland Ohio travel.

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Cleveland Browns Stadium Address
100 Alfred Lerner Way
Cleveland, OH 44114

Tel: (216) 241-5555
Email: N/A

Cleveland Browns Stadium Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m
Additional extended hours available by appointment by calling (440) 824-3434.

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For ticket information you can call (440) 824-3434


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