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When you travel Cleveland Ohio, if you are planning to rent a car, the internet is the first place you should look for related information and prices. Undoubtedly, most travelers do this but the pointers discussed below will help you land the best possible deals on a given day.

The first and foremost prerequisite for getting the best deal is making your bookings sufficiently in advance without waiting for the last minute. Obviously, you will be looking at different vehicles and prices. But how often do you take a good look at the 'terms and conditions'. With 95% of web users, the tendency is to simply accept the terms and conditions without even reading the first few lines.

Understand that hidden inside the 'terms and conditions' are factors that will impact the amount of money that you will finally shell out on your car rental. Taxes, Fees, drop-off charges and restrictions on travel can significantly alter your costs.

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Make a note of all the offers and their components on paper and on a spread sheet when that is feasible. Keep the customer care phone numbers of your car rental handy because e-mails tend to take ages before they are responded to by car rental companies in particular. Always keep a record of your calls with date and time (will be very useful if an unfortunate dispute arises). Never delete connected e-mails until you have completed your travel Cleveland program.

Check if you have some 'connections' with the car rental companies. Some car rentals do offer discounts to their employees for "family & friends".

Car rental is a business and businesses always look for profit. Some of their profits are always hidden under 'fine print'. All these are explicitly present above the dotted line where you will be signing a contract. The onus of reading and understanding the impact of the 'fine print' is always on the customer. The rental company is not obliged to hold you by the arm and show case all the tricky spots.

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