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The Cleveland Institute of Art at the University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio is an independent College of Art and design. The College is committed to vision and leadership in different forms of visual arts education. Making an enduring contribution through research, education and service to the immediate and global communities across their diverse spectrum is the mission of the college. Avid enthusiasts of art will find the institute a great source of related knowledge when they travel Cleveland.

The institute has a long history dating back to 1882 when it was born as the 'Western Reserve School of Design for women'. In 1948, this institute became the Cleveland School of Art. In modern times, the institute has earned its place as an art school that is historically acclaimed and a valuable part of the cultural community of the University Circle. The institute is also home for the Cleveland Cinematheque. Richard Anuszkiewicz, Robert Mangold, and Dana Schutz are among the notable artists who graduated from the institute.

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The original focus of the Cleveland Institute of Art was on practical training while academic skills were secondary. In 1947 the institute started offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. But, over a period of time, the curriculum included more lecture based courses like art history and literature. The program subsequently expanded to become a 5 year course by 1969. 2006 saw yet another change in approach and the Bachelor program transitioned to a 4 year track.

In recent years, the institute has started focusing on funding new facilities. Financial struggles and the need to create new facilities together forced the institute to increase its tuition fee while at the same time reducing the scholarship availability. 2007 witnessed an increase of 20% in tuition fee at the institute. Visitor information to the institute can be gleaned from a travel guide Cleveland or from the web links provided on this page.

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