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Throughout the 20th century Cleveland enjoyed the status of being the 10th largest American city. But, between 1960 and 1970, in keeping with the national trend, people began moving from cities to the suburban areas. A reversal of this trend was witnessed in the mid 1980s with Cleveland earning the nickname "Comeback City". Retaining and enhancing the trend, Cleveland today has earned its reputation as a role model in urban planning through effective private-public partnership.

For long, Cleveland was perceived as an Industrial town, but beyond the steel plants and automotive works, downtown at the mouth of Cuyahoga River brings splendid beauty and clean environments to Cleveland. The Growth of Cleveland into a mixed economy from what was traditionally industrial has not been without its pains.

What is important however is that Cleveland has successfully transitioned from an economy that relied heavily on its manufacturing base to one encompass several other areas like real estate, insurance, health care, law, finance and professional services. This process was also actively aided by the industrial wealth that accrued over a long period of time.

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Cleveland is a sought after vacation destination for Americans as well as international travelers and offers wide ranging attractions. The Great Lake Science Center, the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Playhouse Square are among the top spots.

As a vacation destination, Cleveland can also be considered a complete city, because it offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor attractions, sporting opportunities, slew of music venues, live music, choice restaurants, hotels of varying class and prices, a vibrant night life and more.

The best way to acquaint yourself with the city is to take a guided tour on the Lolly the Trolly. The trolly can take you to all major attractions in Cleveland and is the most affordable and enjoyable way to get around. For those planning Cleveland travel and tourism in larger groups, they can charter a trolley and work out their own itinerary using a Cleveland travel guide.

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