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At the Cleveland Museum of Art, you will enjoy over 43,000 works of art representing a diverse range from across the globe. The museum is famous for the substantial holdings of Egyptian and Asian art. Admission to the museum is free keeping in tune with the vision of its founders. The museum remained closed for nearly three years between 2005 and 2008 for major overhaul.

More art and more space to house them have now been added to the museum and presents about 588,000 square foot presently. To match the increased size, visitor amenities have also been appropriately enhanced. A $600 million endowment supports much of the activities at the museum and therefore, ongoing improvements and additions at the museum can be expected.

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Family programs at the Cleveland Museum of Art


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Complementing the works of art, the museum also offers family events, performances, lectures, and book clubs providing books on artistic themes. Visitors can also enjoy music, films and performing arts from across the globe.

Educational programs at the museum are another facet that families can focus on particularly for the youngsters. Among the festivals that the museum hosts, Parade The Circle, Chalk Festival, and the 'Winter Lights and Lantern Festival' are major events designed for families.

Hands on activities during the festivals are designed for visitors from across age profiles. Movie lovers have the opportunity to see a diverse range of films from different eras and genre all through the year. For the researchers, the Ingalls Library offers a treasure of facilities and knowledge resources in the area of Art and the diverse dimensions of art.

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