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The best period to enjoy Cleveland festivals and events during your Cleveland travel is from the middle of May and into the midst of September. This is the time when Cleveland and its neighborhoods come alive with a series of festivals, most of which celebrate the rich ethnic heritage of Northeast Ohio. While the list of these festivals and events is indeed large, we have highlighted some of the top picks.

The Hessler Street Fair is a two day annual event in celebration of community music and arts. On the designated dates (generally a Saturday and Sunday in May), you can enjoy fine live music, food of varying descriptions, flavors and ethnicities, poetry reading, street dances, and undoubtedly, all the fun that goes with such an event. The fair is immensely popular with the locals as well as tourists drawing no less than 10,000 visitors each year.

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Vintage Ohio is held in August every year and celebrates quality wines locally produced in the Ohio region with emphasis on the North Central and North east Ohio wine yards. The venue of this 2 day festival is the Lake Farm Park in Kirtland. At the festival visitors have the opportunity of sampling fine wines, regional foods and also participate in cooking demonstrations.

Great American Rib Fest is held annually during the Memorial Day week end and is considered the start of the summer festival season, though unofficially. The Rib fest is a 4 day event and the Amphitheater at the Tower City, downtown Cleveland plays host to the fest. Visitors will experience plenty of fun, rib outlets from around the globe, activities for kids and more. When you travel Cleveland during the summer months, you should put the fest on the 'not to be missed' list.

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