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The roots of Cleveland's history date back to 1796 when the Western Reserve of Connecticut was segmented into township and its capital was named "Cleveland". Gen Moses Cleaveland is credited with the planning of modern day downtown Cleveland. Several years later in 1814, the village of Cleaveland was incorporated.

Once the Ohio and Erie Canal was completed in 1832, the area experienced rapid growth. This also led to a connection to the Atlantic Ocean thanks to the Erie Canal. In later years however, it became possible to access the Atlantic Ocean via the St.Lawrence Seaway and the Mississippi River provided access to the Gulf of Mexico. All these developments obviously helped the pace of growth for Cleveland and in 1836 Cleveland was finally incorporated as a City.

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During the middle of the 18th century Cleveland became a major manufacturing center particularly for steel. Carmakers followed suit. 1920 brought Standard Oil to Cleveland and by that period Cleveland had become the 5th largest American city. From this point Cleveland was progressing steadily as a major Industrial economy until 1960 when a series of events beginning with a major slump in heavy industry followed by racial unrest and the city's population moving to the suburbs changed the fortunes of Cleveland.

The next 3 decades witnessed a series of unhappy events in the history of Cleveland until revitalization and redevelopment efforts started in right earnest. The renewed efforts to bring back the glory of Cleveland paid rich dividends and by the turn of the 20th century Cleveland had already cemented its place in history as a vibrant and mixed economy rather than relying on a single segment such as heavy industries.

The task for Cleveland is as yet unfinished. Several projects including relocation of the Port of Cleveland leading to revitalization of the water front, increased levels of activity at the Port itself and more are in the pipeline. It is always worth the while to know more about the city when you travel Cleveland.

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