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Cleveland has a superb nightlife for its residents and the outside visitors. The bars in Cleveland contribute hugely towards the entertainment value of the city. Flannery's Pub, Bach Draught Bar & Grill, Beer Engine, Brothers Lounge, Corks Wine Bar, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Howl at the Moon and many such popular bars exist in different parts of the city. One can enjoy exclusive range of drinks, along with music and games at these wonderful bars Cleveland. Get to know more about the city's bars, pubs and nightclubs with our informative travel articles.
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Top Recommended Cleveland Bars: Plenty of Things to do and to Decompress

Cleveland Rocks!!! The night life in Cleveland is always in rock and roll fame. The atmosphere is always trendy and loud with a thriving night life and upscale dining. Some of the best bars in Cleveland are:

Hard Rock:

The huge neon guitar outside this popular eatery proves more than just its existence. You can see guitars, drums, hats as some of the collections by famous visitors inside the hotel.

It have also got Rock Shop where hot commodities like tee shirts and collectible pins are sold designed by cool artists like Green Day, Shakira and Jon Bon Jovi. Truly enthusiastic Hard Rock lovers can gather the pins that showcase their favorite rock personalities.

The Velvet Tango Room:

This bar in Cleveland believes in Craft. They research old cocktail recipes and resurrects classic drinks with historically accurate ingredients. The cherries are imported from Italy and even ice cubes are made in special machine frozen at -30degress to stay for a longer time and dilute your cocktails less.

Happy Dog:

A bar in Cleveland that has hot dog menu with almost 50 toppings to chose from!!! The menu is minimal to offer only 3 things: Hot Dogs, Fries and Tater Tots. In addition, you have SAT-test bubbles to customize your menu from 50 hot dog toppings and 19 dipping sauces for the tots/fries.

The Happy Dog has something or the other for everyone, be it good quality food, outstanding beer selection, caring servers, and grand music, and it is surely worth checking in.


The atmosphere is both retro and comfortable. It is cozy, music not too loud and fireplace really sets the mood. Decorated in disarming red and blue accent lighting, it serves the best food and drinks. Its features include Disc Jockey, Happy Hour, Late Night, Online Menu, and Takeout/Carryout.

Thing You Cannot Miss After the Sunset in Cleveland: Bars, Clubs and Nightlife Complete Guide

Cleveland, the second largest city in Ohio has a heavy concentration of cultural, educational, and medical institutions. Various cultural festivals, museums, stadiums of this city have been attracting various tourists from all over the world.

Rock Bottom is the best option that can be suggested for tasting different vintages and sizable wine list. It has a restaurant and a bar which is open till late night. It draws a large number of crowds every night.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Official Website

This city of Ohio has a sizable gay and lesbian community. Numerous gay bars, restaurants conduct special events throughout the Gay Pride week and special nightlife packages.

Flex spa is the best hangout for men during day or night with both indoor and outdoor pools. It is a beautifully restored art deco building with attractively furnished hotel rooms and good amenities.

Flex Bath Official Website

The Corner Alley is a nice hangout place, which has got bowling alley, lounge and restaurant where one can bowl, dance, eat and drink all night.

The Corner Alley Official website

Flannery's pub is a great place that never disappoints both food lovers as well drinkers. It has got nice decor and TVs for sports fans. It is renowned for perfect pint and imports quality beer.

Flannery's pub Official Website

Some of the other pubs that can be suggested are The Chateau that is good for throwing parties as it is almost same like a club with no one 'in charge'. Other notable places to dunk in for a great night include Great Lake Brewing, people with exceptional taste for beer often visit this place. Roc Bar of Cleveland is another pub with an exciting live Rock music performance every night.

Great Lake Brewing Official Website