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If you wish to save on Cleveland airfares, you should travel on weekdays, especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. During holidays and best vacations times, it is recommended to buy the air tickets in advance. Last minute flights, at the same time, can also help you find the discounted airfares to the city of Cleveland. Finally, it is a good idea to purchase complete travel package to Cleveland, so that you can save on airfares, hotel accommodations and other things. Our travel articles are dedicated to help you find the best Cleveland travel packages from different cities.
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Cleveland Trip Planner: Cleveland Airfare, Hotel Options, and Hot Attractions

Planning for your Cleveland trip starts with collecting solid info on the most convenient Cleveland flights. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is located 9 miles from the downtown. Ten major airlines are serving CLE including the American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Midwest Connect, US Airways and United Airlines.

For Chicago Cleveland round trip flights the minimum airfare is around $141.00 and for Orlando or Washington it will take around $220.00. You can get great discounts and deals as well by purchasing your tickets in advance.

After selecting and booking your Cleveland flight you must now look for the most suitable Cleveland accommodations. The Cleveland Downtown hotels are highly preferred for being most convenient and comfortable.

You can choose Renaissance Hotel Cleveland Downtown located in 24 Public Square or the Cleveland Embassy Suites Hotel in 1701 East 12th Street, for enjoying ultimate luxury at reasonable rates. The nightly rates at Renaissance range from $149.00. Both the hotels offer fabulous facilities, attractive packages and last minute discounts as well.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Cleveland is another great choice. The hotel offers outstanding services and mind blowing holiday packages which will help you to save on your Cleveland traveling expenses.

For a compact and complete Cleveland trip plan you must make a list of the top Cleveland attractions which you would like to explore.

Among the most popular tourist locations in Cleveland the Great Lakes Science Center, A Christmas Story House, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Museum of Natural History are most interesting and attract visitors of all age group. Almost all these spectacular spots are easily accessible from any of the Cleveland Downtown hotel. You can visit these places between 10.00 am and 5.30 pm and the tickets cost between $8.00 and $22.00.

Basic Tricks on Saving Airfares for a Group Travel to Cleveland

Cleveland is located in the Ohio State of the USA. It is one of the major cities in Ohio State and it ranks second in its population density among the cities in Ohio. It is among the most sought after city for business meetings. It is also an attractive tourist destination and very well known for dining. If you are planning to visit the city for business or leisure, you can save a lot on air fare. Here are some tips.

Sports Vacation to Cleveland at Lower Prices

If you want to visit Cleveland for some sports event, you can avail cheap airfare. You can purchase group tickets for sporting events in Cleveland at lower prices as some travel companies have teamed up with sports organizations to offer you the most exciting sports vacations in the city. It is a win-win situation for both the airlines and the customer. This is simply through scale of economics. The airlines can sell the seats in bulk. In turns, they pass on part of the profit to the customer as discount. As a traveler, it is less burdensome to your pocket.

Avail Coupon Codes on the Air Tickets

You can avail coupon codes for the air tickets Cleveland on the websites of various travel sites that offer air tickets. You can also avail discounts if you buy group tickets. First and foremost, check from the airlines the minimum number of head required to avail group discount. If you are traveling for leisure, find out interested friend and family members to form a group. For a business trip, watch out for other delegates traveling for the same purpose.

If you cannot meet the number requirement, pick up the telephone and call local travel agents and ask if they have any unoccupied slot in their group discount arrangement. Sometimes the airlines run different offers for different groups, like senior citizens, students, etc. Just check if you are qualified for any such group. In this case you are not restricted by the number. Also, you may come across ads in newspaper to join some group to avail discount. Lastly, if you are desperate, place an ad on the newspaper asking people to join your group.

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