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Cleveland airport has all types of customer service facilities, like ATM machines, airport lounges, currency exchange point, information desk, lost and found, live entertainment, medical care, facilities for disabled, pet relief area, post office and so on. Also, the airport has airport police and other security measures to safeguard the interest of the visitors. In addition, there are many ground transportation facilities and hotels and restaurants around the airport to arrange for privileges for the passengers. If you wish to know about all these facilities in detail, our original travel articles have all the information that you need.
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Things You Need to Know When Stuck at Cleveland Airport - Guide on Hotels, Restaurants and More

If you are frequent flyer to many destinations then there are many chances that you get stuck in the airport. You might have faced lots of problems during your layovers at the airport. If you are stuck at the Cleveland airport then you have lots of options to spend your time. You don't need to have a hissy fit over the airlines operators.

Some of the basic thing that can be done during the layover:

- Enjoy the free internet browsing if you are stuck at the Cleveland airport

- There are many electrical changers available where you can charge your mobile or laptop for the rest of the journey

- You will love the Gordon Biersch, where you can watch your favorite soccer team playing

- Just munch something with a pint of beer

If you are bored with doing the little things and if you feel that you have ample time to spend in a hotel then there are some really good hotels near the Cleveland airport.

Here is a list of some of the popular hotels:

- Cleveland airport Marriott, located on 4277 West 150th street. This has all the modern amenities required for a comfortable and enjoyable stay

- Comfort Inn, which is situated on the 17550 Rosebough Dr. it has an outdoor pool and a round the clock business center

- Holiday Inn on 7181 W 150th St.

- Airport Plaza on the 16161 Brookpark road is suitable if you are looking for a budget hotel

Tips on Finding Budget Hotels & Restaurants near the Cleveland Airport

Visitors looking for lodging options closer to the Hopkins International airport in Cleveland can rest assured of finding some of the cheapest options in town. Before exploring your options you should know that the Cleveland airport is distanced from the City Center by about 10 miles. However, an efficient public transport system is in place for the locals as well as visitors to Cleveland. The light rail and metro bus services can take you to the nook and corner of the city throughout the day and late in to the evenings.

As for the restaurants you will find a number of options in the Brookgate area which is by far closest to the airport and distanced by about 2 miles from the airport. Since a number of affordable lodging options are also available in the Brookgate area, you are assured of plenty of choices within walking distance from your hotel.

But, for visitors who are intent on a restaurant experience mixed with all the flurry of activity in the airport with aircrafts taking off and landing and all that, here is one that will provide you just that. Find a window seating and particularly so if you are traveling with family, you can enjoy both the food as well as the happenings around.

Choice restaurant inside the Hopkins International airport

Hotels/motels near the Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland

Most of the lodging options closer to the airport are distanced by about 4 miles from the airport which is pretty normal and understandable. Visitors have the ability to choose from a wide range of options with prices starting around the $35 mark per room night moving up to $150 per room night. Week end prices at some of the hotels tend to be expensive. Pitch around the $50 mark and you have a real deal on hand.

Budget hotels near Cleveland airport

Budget friendly restaurants in Cleveland

Things Travelers Need to Know - How to Speed Through the Airport Security in Cleveland International Airport

Getting through the security check at airports can be quick and easy when you have a good grip of some of the basics. These are simple to follow steps and can help you save precious time and avoidable embarrassment at times.

Security wait time at the Cleveland airport

Cleveland airport security tips

At the Cleveland International airport or any other airport follow these steps and enjoy a quick check through.

1. The TSA regulations on what you can pack in your carry on luggage keeps changing from time to time. These changes are influenced by various security perceptions and the best way to save time is to ensure that you comply with these regulations in entirety. Checking with the TSA website before you start packing will be a huge help.

2. While at the security area or rather within the airport premises and the air craft itself avoid jokes referencing bombs, drug smuggling, terrorism and all such terms which can potentially trigger an antenna somewhere. You never know who is eavesdropping on your conversation.

3. If you had problems getting your boarding pass online, understand that major chances are that you are flagged by the airline ticketing software requiring a secondary screening. This is no cause for alarm since it is just a random selection though you will do well to present yourself at the airport with adequate time at your disposal.

4. At the Hopkins International airport, Cleveland, early hours of the morning i.e. 6 am to 9 am will see a major rush at the security check points and the waiting time could be as much as one hour.

5. Take care of your outfit. Every airport security requires you to remove your shoes at the checkpoint. Putting on cumbersome shoes can only add to your woes. Metallic components on your outfitting too can attract trouble when they are far too many.

6. Electronic gadgets, laptop computers, and everything else on your person including small change if any in your pockets are to be emptied into bins or bowls. All outer garments such as blazers or sweaters are to be removed and kept in the bins too.

Getting through the Cleveland airport security in quick time

General airport security tips to help you

Cleveland Travel Guide - Recommended Simple Ways to Getting Downtown from the Airport

Given the excellent public transport system in Cleveland and availability of a number of car rentals, shuttles and taxis, getting to downtown from the Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland can never be a challenge. The Light Rail System of Cleveland - The Rapid is amongst the smartest options for getting to downtown Cleveland from the airport. If you prefer a bus the RTA buses are also available at your service. Both the light rail as well as the bus cost just a trifle compared to the dollars you spend on taxis or car rentals. The baggage reclaim exit - two conveniently connects you to the bus and takes less than half an hour to reach downtown Cleveland from the airport.

Getting around Cleveland

Cleveland airport transportation

For visitors who still need to rent a car or hail a taxi these facilities are available at the Hopkins International airport and does not pose any typical problems.

The Bus system has some 730 buses, 90 routes and 8,000 plus stops within a 450 square mile area connecting as many as 59 municipalities. Thus, the buses offer great convenience for visitors focusing on the city and its attractions. However, for those who intend exploring the outer periphery of the city, a car hire is recommended.

The Light rail Rapid operates four high speed routes connecting different parts of east and west Cleveland as also downtown Cleveland. Travelers headed for downtown Cleveland from the Hopkins International airport can get to most part of downtown using the Rapid without compromising on time or economy.

Cleveland also offers a number of bike trails and cycling around is the best way to explore the city and all that it presents.

Cleveland airport shuttle services

Great tips to get around Cleveland

Complete Guide to Cleveland Airport Services and Transportation Choices for Passengers

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the largest airport in the state of Ohio, handling air traffic of over 11,000,000 passengers annually. The airport serves more than 80 destinations through 325 plus flights every day. The airport information desks have helpful staff that provides useful information about the air terminal and the city.

There are currency exchange facilities available at the airport. ATM cash points and banking facilities too are available for the passengers. The terminal building accommodates many bars, restaurants, cafes and fast food points, along with a number of vending machines.

Shops at the airport consist of gift shops, leather gift shops and many more. Newsagents and a beauty therapy shop are also located at the airport. Other facilities include medical assistance and lost and found service. Short-term and long-term parking facilities are also available near the terminal building.

Cleveland Airport Guide

Business facilities at the airport are worth mentioning. A state-of-the art business center, fax machines, fast speed internet and telephone facilities are available for use. There are 22 meeting rooms and 2 conference halls located in the premises. The Cleveland Airport is accessible to disabled passengers through facilities like wheelchairs, lifts and staff members to assist them.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport at Wiki

Learn about Cleveland Airport Services

Cleveland Airport Facilities

Ground transportation at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport consists of numerous door-to-door and hotel shuttles, buses operated by the Lorain County Transit and the RTA metro train service. Also, taxi service and car hire facilities are available for the passengers to reach their desired destinations.

Cleveland Airport Ground Transportation