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Open by appointment, Cleveland Art is a must to see spot while you are at Ohio. It is a treasure trove of more than 30000 works of art that ranges from various periods dating back to over 5000 years. The collection also includes artifacts from ancient and contemporary Egypt, some of the best known masterpieces from Europe, Asia and Africa and the American Indian Thaw collections among others. In case you have an inclination to art, go through our travel guide for all information including art festivals, timings, tickets and events at Cleveland Art.
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Interpreting Art By Visual Sights and Exhibits: Touring Guide to Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Center for Contemporary Art Cleveland was established in the year 1968. Previously it was known as The New Gallery which was renamed as Center for Contemporary Art in the year 1984. Even today the museum attracts countless number of visitors from all around the world because of its spectacular exhibitions and original styles. It has been the largest producer of exhibitions in the last seven years.

MOCA is well known for consistently featuring works of new as well as established artists of international and national repute. Some of the very popular exhibition works include Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Series and the PULSE Series.

Center for Contemporary Art Cleveland has been interpreting culture over the years through modern visual art. It establishes connection between ideas of the contemporary era with the visitors. The boundaries of expression, creativity and innovation are continuously pushed in this endeavor.

Center for Contemporary Art Cleveland is known to offer educational experiences and series of multi-arts program. For energizing the visitors in the museum there are tours, concerts, performances, readings, films and lectures held continuously. The audiences are encouraged to participate in different kinds of contemporary art exhibitions. MOCA continues to fulfill their dream of opening a new home around 2012.

Visit to this particular museum is a must while you are planning to undertake a tour to Cleveland. The new sort of energy and zeal incorporated in the seminars and the educational sessions bring to life and enhance understandability of different aspects of contemporary art.

Interpreting Culture: Cleveland Art Exhibition Complete Guide

Cleveland is famous for its cultural diversity and there are various galleries and museums that hold exhibitions. One of the galleries that have exhibitions is Space gallery which is hosting Detour which is about 5 artists' practices that are rerouted because of an obstruction.

The Spaces Gallery in Cleveland has come up with a framework where 5 particular artists come together to discuss the practices they use while addressing the things they are comfortable with and the ones that they find challenging. Each artist gets an obstacle and he has to find a way to get around it.

The Spaces gallery is also hosting an exhibition titled Sometimes an Entrance is Actually an Exit by Josh Parker. This exhibition is a way of eliciting some provoking thoughts about the changes that are taking place in the environment. This exhibition aims at challenging the concept of space and time. The artist is a student of art and is interested in exploring how space and time impact how an individual experiences power.


Sometimes an Entrance is Actually an Exit

Cleveland State University is also hosting an exhibition of pictures of the Dome of Hagia Sophia. This exhibition is titled Touching the History: Photographs from the Dome of Hagia Sophia and gives you a chance to get close to the original work that is found inside the dome. At this exhibition, visitors are able to touch some parts of the dome and the mosaics found on the windows.

The Akon Art Museum in Cleveland is also hosting an exhibit titled Looking for the American Dream which is open for people of all ages.

Touching the History: Photographs from the Dome of Hagia Sophia

Looking for the American Dream