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One of the most populous American cities, Cleveland has a vibrant and diverse economy that brings in not just tourists but also students and business men. Out of the different modes of transportation in the city, Cleveland car rentals are the best considering the convenience and competitive price tags these offer. Explore the city in a chauffeur driven car and save money and time. Make your pick from cars or SUVs and enjoy bargain deals and efficient service. You would find more details on the car rental options, deals, rates and packages at our travel guide.
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Awesome Tips on Finding Cheap yet Reliable Car Rental Service in Cleveland

During your visit to Cleveland, one of the best ways to get around the many attractions in Cleveland is by rental cars. Given below are some of the best car rental services in the area:

Budget - Rent - A - Car: Budget offers great options in car rentals in Cleveland for good yet affordable cars. They have 3 offices located across the city; Cleveland Airport, 26300 Chagrin Boulevard, and 1460 East 9th Street. You can rent compact cars, midsized, as well as spacious mini vans if you are traveling in large groups or with family. Budget has great packages like if you rent a car for 1 week, you can save up to 25% on your rental charges.

Budget - Rent - A - Car

Dollar - Rent - A - Car: Dollar has two outlets in Cleveland from where you can rent a car. One is at the Cleveland Airport and the other at 7272 Mentor Avenue. Each outlet has special offers that you can choose from which gives great discounts and packages. Some of these offers include 10% discount if paid by American Express credit cards, double credits on Southwest Airlines, Triple miles on American Airlines, US Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines and Continental Airlines.

Dollar - Rent - A - Car Cleveland Offices

Dollar - Rent - A - Car Cleveland deals

Thrifty Brook Park Rental: The Thrifty has 2 outlets in Cleveland, one at the Cleveland Airport and the other at Suite 3, 7272 Mentor Avenue. Thrifty offers great deals on car rentals like compact cars for just $39.99 per day and Standard SUV at $59.99 per day. These deals are especially designed by the local office and they can also offer customized packages for you.

Thrifty Brook Park Rental

Spoil Yourself - Tips for Finding Fabulous Luxury Car Rental in Cleveland

Fabulous and exotic car rentals in Cleveland are not very common and therefore the best way to ensure that you really have a luxury car when you arrive Cleveland is to talk to your travel agent. Among the cars you can look forward to are Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Bugattis.

Luxury car rentals in Cleveland can be expensive and you should expect to pay anywhere upward of $500 and even this can come with limited mileage. The rate indicated can also vary significantly depending on availability on a specific day. Premium cars are not easy to find in Ohio and this can push up the prices too. The internet can be of some help, but what you can at best get to is 'luxury car rentals in Cleveland'. If you broaden the search and look for specific cars, most rental agencies may not be able to offer one on line.

Limos is another option you can consider but even these come at hefty prices and are equipped with plenty of frills which can add up to your cost. However, for visitors who have a specific reason or for elite class visitors, the Limos offer an option worthy of consideration.

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Professional Guide to Securing the Best Car Rental Rates in Cleveland

If you thought that finding a car rental is as easy as scouring through some websites and a few mouse clicks, you couldn't be farther from truth. Car rentals Cleveland in most destinations have their own typical business strategy and it helps to get a good grasp of these before you go for the 'buy' button.

Across the nation, renting a car from the airport is often fraught with the risk of stiff add ons. In Cleveland you will be paying as much as $20 plus per day as additional airport taxes and this is also the highest in the nation. Off the airport, you can save on these and may be even use that money for a bigger car when needed.

Cleveland car rentals and taxis

Cleveland car rental for the budget traveler

Websites often display just the bare base rates and the actual amount you end up paying can be pretty much distanced from what you 'thought' is due. Baltimore or Brisbane, Columbus or Cleveland, businesses have their own methods of adding taxes. In some places you may even run into bizarre terms such as 'arena fee' or 'vehicle license fee'.

Another method by which you can beat the rental companies in their own game is by booking the smallest possible car. You will obviously be contracting at the least possible prices because of the small size. But, rental companies often have fewer small cars and when you report to pick up your car, the small car you reserved is just not available. The car rental is then obliged to offer you a bigger car albeit at the price of a small car. And, in most parts of America, this strategy works. Isn't that a nice little game plan?

Pitching for car rentals off the airport is thus a sure shot way to save precious dollars.

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Cleveland airport car rentals

Having Fun on a Budget - Strategies for Locating Affordable Car Rental Services at the Lowest Prices

Affordable car rentals are often provided by the neighborhood facilities rather than the national chains. While the national chains are present everywhere, this may not be the best option particularly when you consider various rules and regulations. Visitors under the age of 25 also find the neighborhood car rental more amenable because these agencies often have their own in-house rules providing some flexibility. Larger corporations on the other hand are bound by their corporate rules.

Check out the information available on this website before you identify the car rental that suits your needs and budgets best:

Cleveland car rentals

It is important to understand the different components of your car rental before making a booking. Inquire and understand the final cost that would be billed to you. Ideally, the price offered to you should include unlimited miles, vehicle registration fee, vehicle recovery fee, one way fee and airport tax wherever applicable, and exclude insurance. Oftentimes, your own car insurance will cover the rental car and you need a specific insurance on the rental car only when this is not so. Understand that insurance will obviously add to your rental cost.

Cheap car rentals Cleveland

In most destinations around the nation 25 years is the minimum qualifying age to rent a car. For those who are younger, some companies levy a fee while others won't rent you a car at all. The neighborhood car rentals are relatively more flexible on this count. Most car rentals will also require a credit card though some agencies are accepting debit cards too.

It is often difficult to get a specific car from car rentals even when you have made an advance booking. The particular vehicle delivered to you will depend on availability. Booking small cars will work to your advantage since car rentals have fewer number of small cars and that potentially can bring the opportunity of your getting a bigger car at the same prices.

Useful car rental tips

All that you should know about car rentals

Not to Miss - Tips for Finding Cheap Cleveland Car Rental Deals in Seconds

Finding cheap car rentals in Cleveland has been made easy and there are tips that you can use to make these more easy. You can get a car rental in seconds! You can decide to take advantage of the airport car rental tares that are available once you land at the airport to your destination. You can book for one through rent a car website that will make sure you get the car rental services when you land. They offer discounts for early bookings.

There are van hire that can be used for lager spaces needed such as moving house. There are a variety of vans that you can choose from to take you to your destination. These offer lower costs for online bookings and their prices range according to the size of the van. You need to give details of your pick up, drop off and the dates.

You can use the car rental services when going for shopping, vacation, night out, or picnic with friends or family. These help you to save time that you would use getting a taxi or avoid reaching your destination late. This increases the convenience of planning and making arrangements since you will have assured transport.

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Use the websites that have intelligent softwares. This will help you save on the time spent browsing through the internet in search of the car rental companies that suit your needs. The use of the softwares displays the rental prices and their availability from which you can choose the cheapest.

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