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One of the mega events that attract a huge audience, Cleveland car show is usually held on 11 AM to 8 PM on Sundays, 11 AM to 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 12 P.M to 10 P.M from Monday through Thursday. Admissions fees are $12 for the adults, $10 each for seniors and preteens while the show is free for children of six or under. Tickets are usually starts selling from the month of January. Our comprehensive travel guide and highly informative travel articles can provide all information regarding Cleveland car show and such other mega events in the city.
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Cleveland Car Show

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For A Good Price: Smart Tricks to Show Off Your Car in Cleveland Car Show

The Cleveland Car Show is one of the most renowned auto events, held in the month of February-March every year. The 10-day event showcases over thousands of vehicles of different types including domestic and international vehicles in the category of classic cars, concept vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, crossover vehicles and production vehicles, among others. About 600,000-700,000 visitors come to see this show every year.

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While at the Cleveland Car Show you can either show-off your car or be a good spectator and enjoy the show. In the former situation, when you have a car and you want to flaunt it at the car show, you are welcome to join other car enthusiasts near the downtown area. There is no entry fee to take part in the basic round. You can show off your car by strolling along the main streets. Meanwhile, you can shop and eat at one of the local restaurants as well. Event T-shirts and accessories are available, most of the money goes for charity.

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If you wish to seriously show off your car at the event, you should participate in the swap meet. It is the perfect trading platform where you can buy and sell these cars. Even rare spare parts are sold here. To participate in this department, you need to plan in advance because it is available in a first-come-first-serve basis. There is also a model car contest, where you can show your car model. If you have the best model, you can surely take home the trophy.

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Show Off The Best Auto - Cleveland Car Show Complete Guide

Cleveland holds a number of car shows and there are a number of places where you can get the information about these shows, ranging from prices, hours concept cars and auto news. The information also contains the features of the cars available as well as other car news.

Guide to the Cleveland Auto Show

Cleveland Auto Show

The Show focuses on different themes and each has some of the new vehicles, concepts. The visitors will be treated to a view of the most recent cars and car technology and will also be allowed to drive some of them. There are a number of automakers who will schedule driving opportunities and the guests can ride in most challenging situations.

Cleveland Auto Show 2010

The 2010 Auto Show was held from Feb 27 through March 7 from 11 at the I-X Center. The cars availed were to get the attention of the visitors as manufacturers brought in more concept and Pre-production cars. Parking was availed for free throughout the shows duration. There are a variety of events that take place during the show and participants can take advantage of them.

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For those coming from other areas, there are a number of great hotels that offer good accommodation facilities and other restaurants with great cuisine. Travel is made easier by a number of Rentals and airport shuttles that can take the visitors to the venue of the Auto Show Cleveland.