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Cleveland offers a mix of hotels in different budget ranges of the visitors to the city. You can find a Cleveland cheap hotel near the Cleveland airport, in the downtown area, at the Public Square or in other different parts of the city. Some of the top-reviewed cheap hotels in the city include Hyatt Place, Radisson Hotel, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn and so on. Even the reasonable packages at these hotels include some wonderful facilities for the guests. Our travel articles are the great resources to obtain information on Cleveland hotels and other types of accommodations.
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Quick Way to Find the Best Cheap Hotel in Cleveland

Many people cannot afford to stay in a five star hotel but there is no need to worry as there are lots of hotels available at cheaper rates in Cleveland. It is not a compulsion for anyone to stay only at the expensive hotels. If you can find all the comfort in a cheap hotel which you can find in an expensive hotel, you can just check in and have your pleasurable stay.

There are hundreds of travel agencies that can be found online. Internet has made it easier for us to make hot online deals to find the cheap and best hotels among a list of hotels.

List of cheap hotels with best services in Cleveland

Which hotel do you want to stay in? Decide yourself as internet facilitates you with the ease of getting information about hotels in Cleveland. You can find top hotels, five star hotels or cheap hotels in Cleveland using the internet services. One of the must say best hotels in Cleveland is the Hilton Garden Inn which is located in downtown Cleveland.

You can easily reserve this hotel through online services and customer service cell is available for 24 hours a day.

Online information (rates and booking) about Hilton Garden Inn

You can find lots of cheap hotels in Cleveland if you log on to and do your research. This website contains full details about hotels in Cleveland and their rates. The best part is that you are free to choose any hotel you like and make reservation. There are hundreds of hotels found on this website.

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You can visit the office of local travel agents and find out details about cheap hotels in Cleveland. They can recommend you to the best cheap hotel from among hundreds of other hotels in Cleveland.

If you wish to explore yourself, you can use the internet services and locate cheap and best hotels quickly.

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Girls Tips to Stay Safe in Cheap Hotels in Cleveland

Cheap hotels should be considered as budget hotels; therefore before selection of a hotel for accommodation you must check its credential. Otherwise you can take some references of local friends from that area. If you are alone and new to the city choose hotels opted for families. They provide better security and safety to girls.

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It is better not to have your accommodation arrangement at first floor. The first floors in Budget hotels in Cleveland, in general, are unsuitable because of frequent entry of uninvited visitors. Therefore it is better not to book any cottage for safety and you should book rooms on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the hotel.

Hotels like Renaissance Cleveland Hotel located at 24 Public Square or Cleveland Red Roof Inn Independence located at 6020 Quarry Lane are good hotels and considered to be safe for girls.

Those who are staying nears downtown Cleveland should check the hotel reputation form the local community forum as well as from the local acquaintances, if any.

Info on Downtown Cleveland Hotels

Cleveland Browns Stadium area is safe and almost crime free and thus it is good for girls to stay in this area. If you are from a different city or staying for a short trip with friends or on excursion you can select a hotel from this area without any worry.

Cleveland Browns Stadium Area hotels

As Cleveland, in general, is crime-free area therefore staying one or two nights in a budget hotel do not have to cost a big fortune. There are more than dozens of below $100 hotels here.

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