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Kids and adults can equally enjoy at the Cleveland Children's Museum, an exciting and interactive place in the city. Located in the University Circle, the museum was established in 1981. Splash! Splash! and the Big Red Barn are among the fun-filled exhibits at the museum. Also, there are exhibits like the Bridges to the Community, where the kids can enjoy in their grocery carts. The museum's gift shop offers toys and games for the kids. Plan a visit to the museum, but obtain important information about it beforehand. Go through our travel articles to get familiar with the important things about the museum and other sites in the city.
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Enjoy A Happy Birthday Party: Tips for Summer Discount at Cleveland Children's Museum

The Children's Museum which is located at 10730 Euclid Avenue Cleveland was established in 1981. Over the past years many improvement and renovations was done on the museum. It was created for the sole purpose of educating young children in a fun way.

About Cleveland's Children's Museum

Except for tours the museum is also popular as birthday celebration venue. Their birthday package includes a 2 hours rental of the museum's private room where a maximum of 40 people can comfortably be accommodated. There's a refrigerator and a freezer available in the room. The museum doesn't include any party decoration and food so the host or hostess must bring their own food for the party and other form of entertainment if necessary. There will be kid-size tables and chair and adult-size chairs will be provided by the museum staff according to the host request.

Museum's Birthday Package

They set a special discount for their members. Their large room for parties cost $200 but for their members it's only for $175. There's a required non-refundable deposit of $100 for the reservation fee. And just recently the museum opens a much smaller room for a smaller sized party for a lesser price.

Membership Requirement

Aside from a discounted birthday package museum members can enjoy the unlimited visit for the entire year with a 2 complimentary guest passes. They can also avail a special discount on the museum's official store.

The Children's Museum of Cleveland

Cleveland Children's Museum: A Guide for Families with Children to the Interesting and Interactive Place

One of the best places to bring your children in Cleveland is to the Children Museum, a place where children can have fun while learning. The museum was founded in 1981 and it is perfect for children from ages 1 until 8 years old. It is also the best way to have your family bonding moments.

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One of the most famous museum attractions is the Splish! Splash! where a child can learn everything about water transportation. There are interactive displays to make learning more fun. They will learn about buoyancy and water flow. And there is dramatic play which teaches kids about the four seasons.

Famous Museum Display

The Bridges to the Community is also one of the favorite exhibits of kids in the museum. They let children to engage in creative play situations just like being a part of a community. The situations are endless depending on what the kids come up with when they are playing here.

The child's sorting skill is tested at the Big Red Bard where activities like grouping certain type of fruits are available there.

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The Museum is open at 10am until 5pm from Monday to Sunday. The admission fee is $7 per person and infant from 11months and below is admitted for free. And they also offer a special discounted admission fee if you are able to avail their coupon.