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A variety of scenic and festive concert takes place every year in Cleveland. Programs are often held at venues like the Blossom Music Center, downtown Cleveland, and Cain Part in East Cleveland. Blossom Music center is located in Cuyahoga falls between Cleveland and Akron and it offers both lawn seating and pavilion seating facilities. Cain Park is a lovely twenty two acre park for performing arts and remains occupied throughout the summer. Our excellent travel articles can help you find out the exact location of concerts with their comprehensive coverage of Cleveland concerts.
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Cleveland Concerts

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Touring Guide to Major Concert Venues in Cleveland: Enjoy Live Music Here

The city of Cleveland is a major concert city, as there are many concerts which are held throughout the city during various times of the year.

There have been many renowned artists who have performed in the city of Cleveland.

The people of Cleveland city love to watch musical shows, and they are eager to be a part of great music culture that the city has in it.

Here are the major concert venues in downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland State University Wolf Stein Centre is a major concert venue in Cleveland. The centre has been a part of various concerts and considered as one of the best place to watch concerts.

House of Blues is also a major concert avenue. You could well imagine how big the concert venue is as musicians such as Def Leppard has performed and still performs in house of blues.

It is located at East Fourth Street and Euclid Avenue.

Peabody's is one of the most exciting venues for musical lovers, as shows are held frequently at this place. Visitors love the magnificence and the ambiance of Peabody's. The concert venue is located at 2083 East 21st St.

Now here are the few major concert venues in greater Cleveland.

Agora Complex is a concert venue where many events are organised. You would come across theatre and musical shows. The events are held on most weekdays.

Brother's Lounge is again, a very popular music concert venue, as popular bands regularly perform in the venue.

It is located at 11607 Detroit Ave., Cleveland.

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Upcoming Concerts at the House of Blues Venue in Cleveland

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