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Cleveland Convention Center is located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland and is one of the most popular venues for organizing formal and informal events. The convention center has 21 meeting rooms and a grand ballroom as its main highlights. Apart from meetings and conferences, the events like weddings, conventions, exhibitions and fundraisers can be organized at the convention center. It also has the performing arts area with registration lobby, auditorium, music hall and little theatre. To learn more about the facilities available at the convention center, you can take help from our travel articles.
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Guide on Accommodation Options Close to Cleveland Convention Center for People with Special Needs

The Cleveland Convention Center is located near the near the shore of Lake Erie and is 10 miles from the northeast of the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. The Cleveland Convention Center is located in the heart of the city and is only fifteen minutes from the international airport. This place has a huge space to host a variety of events and can accommodate a lot of guests.

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There are a number of restaurants, motels close to the Cleveland Convention Center and they do offer a various options for people who need extra care. They also offer several other facilities like discounts on your stay provide you with cheap car rentals and also organize meetings and host other events in the city.

There are a lot of hotels close to the Convention Center which provides accommodation for people who need special care, like the Hampton Inn Downtown Cleveland which is around 0.25 miles from the Convention Center, some more information on these can be easily drawn from the net.

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You can always check the event calendar to stay updated with the kind of programs conducted at the Cleveland Convention Center and contact for any kind of advance bookings. The center itself offers services for people with special needs and you can always check for their availability.

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Well Worth a Visit! Cleveland Convention Center Coming Events Introduction

Cleveland Convention center is located in Ohio, United States. This is one of the top convention and trade show facilities in the United States. The Cleveland Convention center features around 375,000 square feet of exhibit and meeting space. The Cleveland convention center can host any type of events like large, small and private events.

The center is centrally located near downtown hotels, restaurants and attractions. The center can accommodate 1,500 audiences. The Cleveland convention centre features 37 meeting rooms which are equipped with latest technology and able to handle groups from 10 to 10,000.

There are around 9 exhibit spaces in the convention center. Each exhibit space differs from other in size and usable area. You can choose the exhibit space as per the strength of your event. The notable service of the convention center is that from banquet to buffet you can get full service catering in the center.

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The center is accessible to handicapped people. The parking space in the convention center is more than 6,000. The center is the multipurpose performing arts venue. The main advantage over the Cleveland convention center is that the center is located conveniently near numerous restaurants, attractions and shore of the Lake Erie.

The upcoming events of the Cleveland Convention center can be found in the Convention center's event calendar. The details like name of the event, date on which the event is going to take place are the information provided by the event calendar.

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