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If you are in search of a place with excellent restaurants providing exotic food and beverage delicacies, then there can be no place better than Cleveland. Around the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland has more than one thousand restaurants that are scattered around Warehouse district, Gund arena, Jacobs Field, Little Italy and Cleveland Heights. In fact the downtown tool and die factories as well as the warehouses have been transformed into the best of the restaurants in the city. If you wish to have an exotic holiday at Cleveland, then you can go through our guides and travel articles for finding the best Cleveland dining in the city.
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Top 3 Restaurants to Try For a Fine Dining out in Cleveland

Local cuisines and restaurants owned by the locals offer a great dinning experience at most travel destinations. Cleveland has its share of historic hotels for you to try out. This is not to take away anything from the national and international chains, but for most of us they are always there back at home.

For a mix of history, culture and cuisine, we bring you brief reviews of a few Cleveland hotels that have traveled through time and offer more than a fill for your stomach.

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel - Renaissance offers a fine blend of the orient and the occident. Much of her architectural details have been carefully preserved through the 9 decades of existence. With close to 500 rooms spread across 15 floors, guests at the hotel and visitors can enjoy some fine dining options at Sans Souci which is a Mediterranean eatery with an upscale ambience. This hotel also offers a coffee shop titled Brasserie.

Hyatt Regency Cleveland Arcade - This 1890 hotel located a block away from Downtown Public Square offers some fine in-house dining options. For those who wish to explore, there are number of restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

The best way to identify restaurants that answer your specific needs and taste buds is scouring the internet and reading reviews by actual travelers. You will also be rewarded for doing this with some discount coupons that can be downloaded. You can head straight to some of the best local restaurants and Cleveland's top restaurants through these web links:

Best local restaurants of Cleveland

Top 10 restaurants in Cleveland

For those who gravitate more towards the international or national chains, there are several options and you can find that suits you best when you visit these websites. Whatever be your preference, American, Mexican, Chinese, Vegetarian, Asian, Italian, Thai or Japanese you will never go hungry in Cleveland.

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Looking out for Tasty Chinese Food? Tips on Spotting the Best Chinese Restaurants for Dining in Cleveland

Many vacation destinations also offer a wide range of restaurants for visitors to choose from. Away from home, you get the opportunity to unwind, take a good look at the options available on the dining scene at your chosen destination and go for the best options that suit you and your group or family. Visitors looking for some fine Chinese restaurants in Cleveland have several options. While the web links on this page will take you to listing of all major Chinese restaurants in Cleveland, we have reviewed some random selections for you here.

Chinese restaurants in Cleveland

Ethnic food markets in Cleveland

Bo Loong is located on the St.Clair Avenue of Asiatown, Cleveland and is among the fine places for affordable prices and excellent Chinese Cuisine. This restaurant is open late into the evening and is considered best for visiting after a downtown event or a theater show.

House of Hunan - Medina is on the square in Medina. This is an Asian restaurant that is elegant and restful. Apart from Chinese, the restaurant also serves Thai food and offers a sushi bar at the rear of the restaurant. Efficient service and affordable prices are among the major USPs here.

Pearl of the Orient offers a combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisine with an option to choose from Vietnamese and Thai specialties too. You can find Pearl of the Orient at Rocky River as well as Shaker Heights. A Sushi bar, full bars and a range of tasty food are the hallmark of this establishment.

Your options are not limited to these handful of restaurants and for a deeper appreciation of the Chinese restaurants in Cleveland you should visit the websites listed below.

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Enjoy the Homey and Cozy Atmosphere of Highly Recommended Restaurants for Dining in Cleveland

An engaging and off-the beaten track dining options are sometimes difficult to find at hot vacation destinations. But for visitors to Cleveland, the story is entirely different with over a 1,000 restaurants sprinkled across the city. Apart from the local favorites, you can find cuisines from across the globe.

Making a choice can however be challenging because almost each one of them is well worth your time and money. For those who schedule a visit to Cleveland around the Labor Day, make sure you are at the 'Taste of Cleveland' festival at the Tower City Amphitheater. Specialties from over 50 restaurants are featured at the festival and you have a wide array of sampling opportunities too.

When it comes to family food options and cozy atmosphere, Cleveland has its very own unique facilities where you are assured of healthy, inviting and tasty food served in an ambience that anyone can envy. To help you explore the dining scene in Cleveland and make an informed choice, we have provided a number of web links on this page and they contain all the information that you will need.

Family dining options in Cleveland

Cleveland dining options by location

We have also randomly reviewed two restaurants to give you a glimpse of what to expect at these restaurants.

Aladdin's Eatery:

A good place for families with diverse needs. Focuses on Lebanese American Cuisine with unique flair and flavor. Children have the opportunity to explore various cuisines. Gluten free options, vegetarian food, special meals for diabetics/people with heart concerns are among the other options at this restaurant. Put together, this place qualifies to be a comprehensive restaurant for the family.

BD Mongolian Barbeque:

At this Barbeque you have the unique option of choosing the ingredients that go in to your cuisine. Fill a bowl with all the ingredients and watch on as expert cooks put together that special dish for you. Often times, each cuisine has a standard set of ingredients and it is difficult to isolate any one of them. The ambience is quite welcoming and casual and fits all age profiles.

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Romantic Dating Ideas & Dining Spots Choices for Visitors to Cleveland

Cleveland is the capital of U.S state of Ohio. It's also known as home of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. This city is also famous for its Basketball and Baseball teams. It has beautiful greenery. It has perfect climate for romantic dates. It is a beautiful city with lots of glamour and fame.

Everyone wishes their dates should be memorable and wonderful which would be never forgotten. Cleveland is just one of the ideal places for it. Here are some tips to make your date interesting and romantic too.

Always remember that while going on date always choose a place which interest you both. Go out for a candlelit dinner in some of the best restaurants in Cleveland which will light the mood between you and your partner. Garb yourself with some red wine or champagne.

Romantic Dating Tips

Take your partner to Giovanni's five star hotels which is one of the finest romantic restaurants in Cleveland. It is very famous for its seafood and its luxurious atmosphere. They say this hotel as a charm of its own that makes people fall in love.

Famous Dining Spots

If you are fan of Italian food make sure you visit this beautiful restaurant Mama Santa's which has the best pizza in Cleveland. It has traditional Old Italian interiors. This restaurant is very famous amongst the youngster. It is affordable and has there unique romantic music collection which makes the place worth for a romantic date.

Dining Spots for Couples