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One of the characteristics of Cleveland that attracts many visitors to the city is the abundance of festivals and parades in the city. Starting from the St. Patric's Day Parade in downtown Cleveland and International Film Festival, a couple of occasions that are celebrated in the month of March, the festive itinerary runs up to holiday circle fest in university circles, Hanukkah events at Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and Kwanzaa Celebration in Karamu House in December, the list of events are pretty long. If you desire to learn more about the Cleveland events, our travel articles will surely come in handy in this respect.
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Cleveland is an area, whose social diary is saturated with amazing events that also reflect the pride of the city in its ethnic diversity and rich history. The city of Cleveland hosts a plethora of vivid annual events celebrating the global effects through food, art and music events.

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If you are planning to visit the city in the summer months then, you are going to have a ball of time as summer is a festival season in the city. An Irish cultural festival is held in the summer month since more than 25 years. It is held in the month of July at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds located in Berea. The highlighted features of the festival are Irish food, music, art and dance.

Cuyahoga County Fair is one of the other popular events held during the August months in the city of Cleveland. The fair is held over a vast area of 117 acres and includes a racetrack, camp ground, exhibit halls and many more. There are a plethora of unique events held within this fair like harness rising, midway produce, art and craft judging, motor cross racing, live entertainment, etc. In short there is a something for everybody.

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If you are looking for a different kind of entertainment then you can go for the best theatre shows which are held all the year round.

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Sporting Events in Cleveland for Sports Fans in Summer Time

Cleveland is a vibrant city where the people are fond of sports. It houses several clubs and associations that promotes and encourages different sporting events at different times of the year. Summer time sports certainly calls for a lot of splash. These very popular in this city and it invites participation from all age groups. Water sports events are a very happening activity in Cleveland during the summer time.

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Nalson Ledges Quarry Park is a very famous summer sports destination that hosts the most longed for events during this season such as swimming, hiking, camping, water sports, and a number of other outdoor sports activities. It is an excellent destination that is acclaimed for hosting the most exciting summer sports events for one and all. Sports lovers must pay a visit to this venue to enjoy what it has to offer. It indeed is a grand venue and it enjoys excellent reputation for being a hub for sport events.

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Besides the major sports festivals that the city of Cleveland hosts there are also events such as Walk for Wishes (sports and other outdoor activities take place at Cleveland Metropark zoo), Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox and similar marches, and summer camps to name a few. All these activities are very popular but they follow separate themes and offer different environments. What runs common through all of them is the sporty character,the energy and enthusiasm that revolves around these events.

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