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Statutory fire and rescue services in Cleveland that covers the boroughs of Hartlepool, Middlesborough, Cleveland, Stockton, and Redcar; Cleveland Fire Brigade has been split between the county of Durham and North Yorkshire. With four divisions, the service has 15 fire stations and nine out of them work round the clock day and night. Excellence of service can be fathomed from the fact that they are at service within 5 minutes of call. If you are interested in learning more about the Cleveland fire services then our travel articles and guide will come handy for the purpose.
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Love an Open Fire? Guide on Having a Sweet Picnic with Your Family in Top Recommended Cleveland Picnic Spots

A chance to enjoy some quiet bonding time with the family on vacations is usually rare because there is so much to do, so many places to visit, so many sights to see, restaurants to try out and people to meet. However, if you want to make your Cleveland trip truly memorable and special, we advise you to plan a beautiful picnic with your family.

From beach picnics to concert grounds, the places and opportunities are limitless.

The first and foremost is the Blossom Music Center. The center is home to some great concerts of Cleveland, with special reference to the classical concertos by the Cleveland Orchestra. If you want to enjoy a divine evening with your loved ones, plan a picnic during a performance. Take some yummy homemade food and drinks and your own rug and cushions and soak in the music while you enjoy great food and company.

Our next pick is the Huntington Beach Park. Located on the Lake Road in Bay Village, the beach is a gem with a league of its own. The lake is surrounded by shady groves that are marked by filtering rays of sunlight. A quiet picnic by the lake is a wonderful way of spending some quality time with your family and getting away from the manic hustle and bustle of a regular vacation.

The Coventry School playground with a pirate theme is an eternal favorite with young children. Parents can enjoy a meal while the kids freak out on the various tire swings, climbing towers and slides.

Cleveland Fire Brigadez: Brief Intro of Fire and Rescue Service in Cleveland

Cleveland Fire Brigade refers to the statutory fire and rescue service the covers areas of Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Stockton On Tees and Redcar and Cleveland.

Brief History of Cleveland Fire Briagde

The name Cleveland Fire Brigade has originated from the erstwhile county of Cleveland that was abolished sometime in 1996. For various ceremonial purposes, the brigade premises have been divided between North Yorkshire and the County Durham.

The Cleveland Fire Brigade currently operates 15 fire stations. Of these, 9 are crewed day and night. In other words, these stations are crewed at all times. The remaining 6 fire stations are crewed by retained firefighters who stay close to the fire station. These firefighters can reach the station within a few minutes of a call.

Priorities of Cleveland Fire Brigade

To ensure that the people are served properly, the Cleveland Fire Brigade has divided its work on the basis of its top priorities that govern the functioning of the organization. These priorities include the following:

- Providing proper protection to young people and children

- Help in building safer communities

- Help in setting up healthier communities

- Protect neighborhoods

- Diversity

- Partnerships

- Employer of Choice

- Overall improvement and value for money.


Today, Cleveland Fire Brigade has become a trusted name for Cleveland residents. Cleveland Fire Brigade has prioritized providing safety to the inhabitants of Cleveland and has so far succeeded in ensuring that people are protected at all times.