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Cleveland golf is an independent subsidiary of SRI Sports that also owns the Srixon. While the origin of the Cleveland golf is unique in respect of any original brand as most of its products were replicas of clubs used in 1940s and 50s despite the fact that the company was established in 1979. With the association of Vijay Singh with Cleveland gradually in the 2000s the Cleveland golf emerged as one of the major brands. Our comprehensive gold guide and golf articles will give you comprehensive insight into various aspects of Cleveland Golf.
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Never Miss Golf Fun in Cleveland: Simple Tips to Locating the Best Golf Course

Cleveland city is regarded as the best place to find golf courses by golf enthusiasts. Internet medium is ideal medium to locate public and private golf courses based in Greater Cleveland region. Whether you are visitor or local it is very important to know where about of golf course and how to play golf especially in public golf courses of Cleveland.

Today you can find numerous golf websites offering comprehensive information of quality golf course. These websites provide complete information pertaining to location, contact numbers, features, course map, photos, reviews and service offered to customers.

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Cleveland metroparks is one of the best known golf courses that houses approximately seven different types of golf course. These golf courses range from part to championship layout spread across the city of Cleveland. Each and every Cleveland metroparks golf courses provide unique golf experience for customers irrespective of their golfing skills. In addition these golf courses strive harder to maximize access to tee times amongst outings, individual golfers, tournament and leagues.

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One of the most popular golf courses in Cleveland is Manakiki Golf Course. This golf course is located in 35501, Eddy Road Willoughby Hills, Cleveland OH - 44094. For any kind of enquiries anyone can contact golf course authorities by dialing +1 440 331 1070. This golf course features back to back par5 hole at 12 & 13 course.

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In Cleveland there are numerous golf courses namely Mastick Woods Golf Course, Little Met Golf Course, Shaker Heights Country Club course, Canterbury Golf Club Inc and Oakwood course. Today some of the Cleveland private clubs offer golf courses for their members to play and practice golf.

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Cleveland CG1 Irons Intro - Good Choice for Cleveland Golf Tour

The Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons are laser milled which enables specific and consistent roughness on the surface. The precision of a laser is made use of for achieving four perfectly standardized texture lines on each face. The use of this technique, apart from ordinary methods helps to maximize the spin. Also the laser milling technique minimizes the ball friction.

The tour ZIP grooves are made by milling technique for creating perfect edges. This also increases the shot steadiness as well as it helps in accelerating the 'ZIP'. The design of the 'Cleveland CG1 Tour irons' spilt set includes long irons with cavity backs and tiny iron blades. This design is stirred by 'Cleveland PGA Tour' contestants and features ideal combination of forgiveness and workability.

Distance controlled steady ball striking is possible with new 'Cleveland CG1 Tour irons' along with a new forgiveness level in the blade which is not seen earlier. The long tour irons with tear cavity back and tiny/ medium irons with muscle back give a conventional look along with added forgiveness. These features make it a good choice for Cleveland Golf Tour.

You can find 'Cleveland CG1 Tours' with regular as well as stiff steel vibrant gold shafts. For regular, the flex rating is R300 and weight is 127g. And the stiff 'Cleveland CG1 tours' weights about 130g with S300 flex rating.

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