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Since obtaining its name in July 1796, Cleveland was named after General Moses Cleveland. First settlers in the area were Lorenzo Carter who built a cabin on the banks of the River Cuyahoga and the village of Cleveland came up in December 1814. Rapid development commenced with the completion of Ohio and Erie Canal in 1832. Western bank expansion took place in 1836. The evolution continued till it became one of the leading cities in Ohio in United States. Reading our comprehensive guide on Cleveland history and various articles will give you an idea on the evolution of the area from a village to a city over two and half centuries.
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Trace Cleveland Indians History and Cherished Treasure Created by Cleveland Indians

Sports enthusiasts who visit Cleveland cannot return without learning about the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians are a world famous baseball team that calls this city home.

The Cleveland Indians belong to the Central Division of Major League Baseball's American League. It began in the year 1900 under the name The Lake Shores. At that time the American League was officially a fraction of the minor league.

The Cleveland Indians were formalized as a franchise fraction of the Major League in the year 1901. Ever since then they have gone on to earn a formidable reputation as one of the best playing teams in the history of the nation. The Cleveland Indians were awarded the World Series championship twice: the first being in the year 1920 and the next time was in the year 1948.

The mascot of the team is Chief Wahoo. Chief Wahoo is also presented in the logo of the team. Chief Wahoo is a Native American Cartoon. The name 'wahoo' comes from the expression/ word 'wahoo!' that expresses glee, excitement and jubilation.

Theough the mascot has met with some criticism and opposition from Native American tribes and spokesmen for reinforcing the stereotypes about 'Red Indians', the character continues to be loved and cherished and seen as a treasure of Cleveland culture by sports enthusiasts. The mascot has also earned the team the monikers "The Wahoos" as well as "The Tribe".

When the Past and the Present Collide - Cleveland History Timeline and Famous Firsts

There's something more to the history of Cleveland than what even some residents of Cleveland might not know.

The city of Cleveland was founded in 1796 by General Moses Cleave land and hence the name Cleveland.

But, as you notice, the name of cleave land was later changed to Cleveland, as the 10 character word was too long to fit in a newspaper, so they made it a bit shorter, and hence the name Cleveland now.

Being a village in the beginning, things have completely changed now, as Cleveland had grown to be a business and manufacturing hub of Ohio. It is also the 30th largest city in United States.

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It all began in the year 1796, when United States general went on a survey spree; he began a survey of the Western Reserve.

Lorenzo carter settled in the present Cleveland region and became the first known settler in the city, which was a village then.

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The city is built on the banks of the great lake region. Lake Erie is one of the largest lakes, and it is the biggest source of fresh water in the region.

fresh water source in Cleveland

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