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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the 37th busiest airport in the United States and serves thousands of flights to nearly 80 destinations around the world. Established way back in 1925, it was the first municipally-owned airport in the country. Some of the main flights that serve the airport are Air Canada, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways. Dining options, retail shops, ATM machine, business center, currency exchange point and secure parking area are the highlights of the airport. If you are planning to travel by air to Cleveland, our travel articles can guide your suitably about the airport.
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Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking Information

Have you ever been rounding around the airport parking lots when you are already late for your flight? It's quite frustrating, right? Actually, this kind of situation can be avoided as long as you've done your homework in advance. On this page we will show you where to park at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) is the first municipal airport in the country. It's one of the busiest airport which offers up to 250 flights to 74 destinations every day. CLE also keeps one of the best on-time records among airports in the country. Check CLE flight schedules and book a ticket:

CLE Flight Schedules

CLE on-site parking garages: CLE on-site parking garages can accommodate more than 7000 cars. Both long term and short term parking are available. For short term parking, it's free for first half an hour. Parking rate will be $3 for 1 hour or less. And it will cost you $ 3 per hour after. Daily maximum parking rate is $14.

As for long term parking, parking rate is $3 per hour. Daily max is $10. Economy parking is also available at the long term parking garage. Parking rate is $2 for the first two hours. Daily maximum parking rate is $7. CLE on-site parking garages are located on the west side of S.R.237. Long term garages and short term garages are connected via a bridge. You can see the locations on this map:

CLE On-site Parking

Off-Airport Parking: Some people may prefer the off-airport parking with significant discounts. Most off-airport parking garages offer shuttle buses to terminals of the airport. For your convenience, we'd like to share with you the nearest off-airport parking to the terminals of Cleveland Hopkins Airport, the Park 'N Fly.

We bet you've heard of Park 'N Fly which is the world's largest off-site airport parking with a history of 30 years. Park 'N Fly offers you convenient shuttle buses which are operated between their facility and the terminals every three to five minutes. You can get there by taking I-71 south to the Snow Road. Then take the Snow Road WEST exit. Park 'N Fly will be on your right. You can make a reservation here:

Park 'N Fly Parking Reservation

What if I'm going to catching up an early flight? Don't worry. Plenty of local hotels can offer you free parking. Some even provide free parking for 2 weeks as long as you stay at their places for one night. They also offer shuttle services. We be you can find your favorite one among the following hotels:

Stay and Park Options

An Insider's Tips on Getting Cheap Yet Reliable Car Rentals Near Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Getting a cheap and reliable car rental service can be really important to ensure a good holiday. And in most cities there are great car rental services available near the airport. And it is no different when it comes to Cleveland.

It is probably best to explore and shop online as your first step. Almost all the car rental service providers have their online site today, and usually provide an number of discounts too. Shopping alone will give you a snapshot of what available at one glance, from where you could choose according to your needs.

Some of the better car rental services available near the Cleveland Hopkins Airport are: Alamo, Hertz, Avis and National Car Rental. So you could do some homework beforehand and research the rates and offers provided by these companies before you land.

You could also easily have a look at your options after landing in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Though the rental car facilities are located a few minutes away from the airport, the airport offers a very convenient shuttle bus service to take you to the rental car facility. This shuttle service runs 24 hours and all seven days a week.

Rental car facilities @

It also makes a lot of sense to check the week and weekly rates before you make a final decision. As some of the companies give cheaper rates on week days, while others do so on weekends. So keep this in mind before making a choice.

Rental cars at Cleveland Hopkins Airport—hopkins-international-airport.html

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Cleveland Hopkins Airport Shuttle Service Guide

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Ohio and the 35th busiest airport in the country. It also was the first municipally-owned airport in America. Every year, the airport serves over 12 million passengers with 250 daily non-stop flights to 74 destinations.

If you are arriving at the Cleveland International Airport, you may need to learn about some info about its public transportation - Shuttle Service.

There are many companies that offer shuttle services to travelers at CLE. All shuttle service need to be arranged in advance. The following are some shuttle companies permitted to wait on airport grounds for guests who have scheduled their services.

A-1 Airport Shuttle - As a safe and experienced airport shuttle transportation company in Cleveland, A1 Airport Shuttle Company offers door-to-door shuttle services at a low price from CLE to anywhere in Cleveland. For more info and details, call (216) 647-1409 or visit this page:

A1 Airport Shuttle

Airport Oberlin Shuttle - Airport Oberlin Shuttle Services provide reliable and professional 24 hours airport shuttles between CLE and Oberlin. They are available by reservation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The contact No. is (216) 941 - RIDE (7433) or (877) 251-5701.

Airport Oberlin Shuttle

Super Express Shuttle - Super Express provides guests with insured, affordable and reliable shuttle services. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with service to and from CLE. Last minute calls are welcomed. To make a reservation, call (877)-251-5701 or (216)-941-RIDE (216-941-7433).

Super Express Airport Shuttle

Besides shuttles, there are other various transportation options including public transit, taxis and car rental agencies. They are located outside of the baggage claim area in the lower level of the airport.

Public Transit - The Cleveland RTA (Regional Transit Authority) provides economical and convenient service to and from CLE. RTA Red Line offers regular service travels from the airport to downtown Cleveland's Tower City Station. The trains generally run every 15 minutes.

RTA's station at Cleveland Hopkins Airport is situated on the lower level of the main terminal. To get to the station, people need to use the elevators or escalators seated in the center of the ticketing and baggage claim levels. To gain more info, call 216-566-5100 or click here:

RTA Red Line Schedule

Taxis - For passengers leaving the airport, the Cleveland Hopkins Airport provides an exclusive taxi service. If you want to use the taxi service, go to the Taxi Gates located at the south end of baggage claim, in close proximity to Carousel 11. Pick-up places are made at this location.

There are three companies operating the airport taxi service together: Ace Taxi, Yellow Cab Company and Americab. Contact No. is (216) 361-7400 or (877) 361-8294 for Ace Taxi, (216) 623-1500 for Yellow Cab Company and (216) 881-1111 for Americab.

Rental Cars - CLE also offers many rental car facilities situated off the airport grounds. There is shuttle service for passengers to get access to rental car facilities from the main terminal of the airport. The shuttles could be accessible from Door #5 on the baggage claim level of the main terminal.

It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to reach the terminal from the rental car facilities. For guests who need assistance, there is a telephone center with rental car information set close to the door. The rental car services at the CLE include:

- Alamo (Contact No: 800-327-9633; Website:

- Avis (Contact No: 216-265-3702; Website:

- Budget (Contact No: 800-527-4000; Website:

- Dollar (Contact No: 800-800-4000; Website:

- Enterprise (Contact No: 800-736-8222; Website:

- Hertz (Contact No: 800-654-3131; Website:

- National (Contact No: 800-227-7367; Website:

- Thrifty (Contact No: 800-847-4389; Website:

All Accessible Cleveland Hopkins Airport Transportation Options to the Downtown Area

The Cleveland Hopkins Airport is considered to house one of the largest numbers of international airlines and flights in the country. Founded in 1925, this airport was the first ever municipally owned airport and the first airport to have an air traffic control tower in the country.

Cleveland Airport Information

Today, the Cleveland Hopkins Airport is reported to host almost 12 million passengers a year and handles over 300 non stop flights to different destinations in and outside of the country. But one of the best things about the Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the ease that commuters can get in and out of the area through a number of airport transportations options.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Wiki

This international airport is directly connected to the Cleveland Rapid Transit. This railway system directly transports passengers from the airport to downtown Cleveland even during the wee hours of the morning and late at night.

Another airport transportation option that passengers can avail of is the rental cars service. Although there have been some complaints of inconsistent bus service and fees, this can be a great alternative if visitors want to try a different route going from the airport to their downtown destinations.

Cleveland Rapid Transit on Wiki

And for those who want to get more adventurous, then there is always the good old bus to take you to your destination. There are a number of public busses that travel to and from the main terminals of the airport - the best alternative especially of the Rapid Transit route is not available.

Most of the bus services are found outside the ticketing level of the airport and usually have their own corresponding destinations. Of all the transportation options available, this is by far one of the cheapest ways to get from the airport to downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland Bus Information