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Cleveland International Airport is the largest commercial airport in Northeast Ohio. Previously known as the Cleveland Municipal Airport, it is now called the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. As many as 16 counties in the Greater Cleveland area are served by the airport. One passenger terminal at the airport is divided into four concourses. Cleveland Rapid Transit system, Red Line trains and car rentals serve as the ground transportation facilities to the airport. With the help of our travel articles, the visitors to the airport can learn about things like facilities available at the airport and hotels and restaurants in its surroundings.
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Cleveland Airport Guide For Travelers: Airport Facilities, Nearby Hotels, Parking And Shuttles

There are a number of wonderful facilities at the Cleveland Airport. This includes wonderful parking, and airport shuttles. You can also just go directly from the airport to some of the popular hotels just near the area. The surrounding area has quite diverse a collection of hotels whose prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive. These will offer you the convenience of being close to the airport.

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The closest hotels include the Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, La Quinta Inn and the Marriott. These will offer you excellent accommodation that is so close to the airport that you can be certain that you will not run the threat of missing your flight.

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The internet has numerous facilities that you can use to get the information that you need to have an easier time in Cleveland. Such information encompasses the airport, details of contact, transfer facts when you are at the airport, details of other airport facilities and also how to go around.

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You will also benefit from the airport's transportation services. These include numerous shuttles, taxis and even limos. You can wither call the local operator of telephones or refer to some transportation websites. You will also be able to access the necessary contact information.

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You can also park your vehicle at the airport. There are a number of dispenser machines from which you will get packing tickets at the garage entrances. You can pay for parking by personal checks, using cash or your credit card. The security is also very tight in the garages, so you can be certain that your vehicle will be safe.

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Tips on Taking Advantage of Cheap Car Rentals to Cleveland International Airport

Whenever we travel to any place the first confusion we face is how to get some cheap car rentals. Same is the case while traveling to Cleveland as well. After reaching to Cleveland International airport it becomes difficult to decide how to take the advantage of the cheapest car rentals. Such decisions are always a tricky one.

However if you act wisely, you can get the job done efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the tips which can prove to be highly beneficial in getting the cheapest yet comfortable car rental from the Cleveland International Airport.

Duration- While hiring the car, it is very important to calculate your traveling time properly so that your money doesn't go in waste. Some people book the car for their entire trip. Well it is not a great idea as you won't be traveling the entire day. Sometimes you might get a feeling to sit in the hotel and relax. There won't be any requirement of the car at that time. So it is always beneficial to book the car for some selected dates and not for the entire trip.

Car type- Another blunder which is usually made by us is in selecting the wrong car type for the purpose. Sometimes, in order to just show off, we hire some dazzling and lavish car which doesn't become the comfortable option. And not just this, a heavy amount spent on the car goes in vain.

So it is always advised to select the car according to its searing capacity and level of comfort provided by it while traveling.

So these were some of the tips which can help a lot in taking the advantage of cheap car rentals available from the Cleveland International Airport.

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