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With diversified business and professional growth, Cleveland, is home of fifteen Fortune Five Hundred Companies. Progressive is the largest company offering the maximum employment opportunities in the city. Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals System as well as the Federal and State Governments are the other largest employers in the city. One of the best ways of finding the employment opportunity in Cleveland is going through the help wanted ads pages. Searching for Cleveland jobs can become easier when you go through our Cleveland jobs guide prepared with the help of our comprehensive employers' database.
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An Overview on Popular Jobs for College Graduates in Cleveland

After completing their graduations, every person wants to start earning money. They all select a job that suits their capabilities, and jump in. There are many such jobs available in Cleveland for college graduates.

Cleveland has multiple job opportunities for college graduates, starting from jobs in science, manufacturing, to biotechnology and engineering. What's more, Cleveland is ranked 17th on the Businessweek list, the list which studies why people want to stay in Ohio, the state where Cleveland is located. Some of the major companies that are situated in Cleveland are Parker, Hannifin, Eaton, KeyCorp and Sherwin-Williams.

What's more? These companies are headquartered here, so the job prospects for people fresh out of college are excellent. They will get handsome salaries, and will gain firsthand experience from some of the biggest businesses in the States.

For students from the medical background, there are jobs for personal attendants to patients, or as a dental assistant. One could also work as an area representative for a medical company, with a very handsome salary. There is a firm called Ambassador Rehabilitative Services, which provide full-time jobs for physical therapists, so anyone who has a specialization in that field can, apply.

Apart from all these, there are Sales openings in many of the big shot companies like Eaton, where getting a job is not tough at all. Working in such a company will not only add to your resume, but also provide you with valuable experience.

Women's Choices: Cleveland Jobs Options for Ladies

Finding job options in Cleveland is not a very difficult task for the female lot. Ranging from simple jobs like crutches for the babies to tough and competitive roles like of a treasury analyst, Cleveland has it all.

Women can find a job of their choice in Cleveland without hunting for long and toiling themselves. Searching online is the best way to get the job of one's choice. Women generally require a job that can suit their timings so that they can give quality time to their family as well. Whatever are your requirements, Cleveland jobs options are available in plenty.

What women can choose as career in Cleveland?

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Cleveland is famous for being the corporate headquarters for big companies like KeyCorp, Forest City Enterprises and Eaton Corporation to name a few. Jones Day, which is one among the biggest law firms is said to have its origin in Cleveland itself. So, as far as options for the women are concerned, Cleveland has a variety of jobs.

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Some of the popular job options for women in Cleveland include that of a physical therapist. This job requires working in out-patient wing of a hospital on all working days. Indeed there are other job opportunities for the women as well and that too in the non-traditional jobs offering additional benefits like free accommodation and meals.

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There are also some bright career options for the women in Police Department, Post Offices and Fire Exchanges. And if you have that attitude to approach the public and sell the products, you can surely opt for some sales jobs in Cleveland.

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