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Spread over an area of 165 acres, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has a number of attractions like the RainForest, the African Savanna, the Australian Adventure, Northern Trek and the Primates, Cats, and Aquatics House. Primates like Colobus Monkeys can be found in large number at this zoo. Concession stands, souvenir shop and food court are other facilities available in the zoo. Day camps and events are held at the zoo for different age groups. Going careful through our travel articles can help you find information about the zoo and other similar attractions of Cleveland.
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Little Known Facts about Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - What Tour Guide May Not Tell You

Do you love to see birds and animals? Well, if you visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, you can see all the birds and animals found at the wildlife. The state government has conserved wild life at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. While you are on a visit to this zoo with your travel guide, they may not be able to tell you all the details about the zoo.

Lots of events and exhibits take place at this zoo and people come to see them from all over the world. So, why miss a chance while you are already in Cleveland. Just visit this park and enjoy seeing wild animals and birds, fish, etc.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo current events and news

Cleveland Metroparks is located about 4 miles from south downtown and is set among 165 acres wooded area. You can experience a total wildlife safari at this zoon. Lots of people come here to see animals and birds which they have never seen in their life. It was founded in the 1882. However, it is worth visiting this antique place and know all facts about Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

More information about Metroparks Zoo

Your tour guide may not tell you about Berea's Quarry Rock Cafe but never mind, you can read this and understand. It is the most popular eating outlet in Cleveland Metroparks. You can eat burger, hotdog, soft serve ice-cream, funnel cakes and lots more.

More information about Berea's Quarry Rock Cafe

You may not know about Underground Railroad at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It is a historic educational trial that talk about the freedom enactments in Cleveland dated back to the year 1997. It is an event organised every year.

Underground Railroad trial information

Jobs Information at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Do you want to work in a zoological facility? Would you like to learn more about careers in the areas of Animal Care or Veterinary Care within a zoo setting? If so, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo would be the right place for you.

As a diverse working place, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo provides more than 195 jobs performed throughout the year. There is a wide range of the position types ranging from engineer to animal keeper and ranger.

You can find various job opportunities at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo including full-time jobs, part-time jobs and seasonal jobs. The zoo also provides opportunities for interns and even high school students to enhance their education through hands-on training.

Full-Time Job & Part-Time Job Opportunities: If you qualify for a current full-time or part-time job, send your resume or application (downloaded on its website) noting the specific position to For your resume, Microsoft Word or Acrobat PDF format is accepted. Or submit your resume or application by mail or fax.

Applications and resumes are accepted only when there is a vacant position. If there are vacancies available, these vacancies are posted on Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's official website and bulletin boards. They are also recorded on a 24-hour Employment Hotline. The No. is 216-635-3211. If necessary, recruitment information may be listed in newspaper, related publications and internet job boards.

Fax: 216-635-3269

Address: Cleveland Metroparks Department of Human Resources 4101 Fulton Parkway Cleveland, Ohio 44144

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Full-Time Employment Opportunities at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Part-Time Jobs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Seasonal Job Opportunities: If you are applying for a seasonal job at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, visit or mail your application to the Department of Human Resources as well. Applications or resumes are accepted year round. Anyone who aged 16 years old and up with a valid Ohio driver's license and a good driving record may apply. Lifeguards could be 15 years old of age.

The total period of engagement for seasonal employees is usually three months, from March to mid-October. Daytime working hours and a 40-hour work week are available for most seasonal positions. The majority of employees need to work on weekends and holidays. The seasonal job options include:

- Chalet Recreation Area Attendant

- Forestry

- Golf Course (cashier, ranger, clubhouse specialist)

- Grounds Maintenance (reservations)

- Lifeguard (American Red Cross Lifeguarding certified)

- Zoo (education assistant, train/tram driver, admissions, ticket agent, guest services patrol, maintenance, horticulture and bus driver)

- Natural Resources

Seasonal Jobs Information at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

There are also seasonal employment opportunities for older workers (aged 50 and up) leading success at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. For more info, click here:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Seasonal Employment Opportunities for O.W.L.S.

Internship Opportunities: The zoo also offers internship programs, designed to give interns a chance to receive on-the-job training in a specific field. The opportunity may be available year round. Visit this website to gain more information:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Internship Opportunities

High School Career Day: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo even provides high school students with great opportunities to meet and hear from staffs who work in various job fields like Animal Care, Education, Veterinary Care and others. To learn more about the high school career day, visit this website:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Career Day

Recruitment Process: Your resume or application for a vacant position will be reviewed after being submitted. If there is an interview opportunity for you, you will generally be informed within 30 days of the posting deadline. If you don't receive any interview notice within 30 days of the posting deadline, making a phone inquiry is encouraged. The Job Hotline is 216-635-3211.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Coupons

Opened in 1882, Metroparks Zoo in Cleveland now is the 7th oldest zoo in the US. It covers a large area of 165 acres, about 4 miles south of downtown Cleveland. The zoo is divided into several areas, like the Rain Forest, the Australian Adventure, Cats & Aquatics House, and Waterfowl Lake. For each part, there are distinctive exhibits and fun.

Besides a large variety of primate species (about 600 species with 3000 animals), Metroparks Zoo is a great botanical garden as well. Here you can get a close observation of nature and rare plants. No matter which season you visit the zoo, you can always enjoy an interesting and informative experience. For more detailed info about animals and plants inside the zoo, click:

Discover Animals and Plants in Metroparks Zoo

For the regular admission to Metroparks Zoo, it varies according to the seasons and the ages of the visitors:

From November 1 to April 1, the rates for Adults, children of 12 and up are $7. For children of 2 to 11, the rates are $5 and free for children under 2.

From April 2 to October 31, the rates for Adults, children of 12 and up are $11. For children of 2 to 11, the rates are $8 and free for children under 2.

How to secure coupons or discounts for Metroparks Zoo? This may be the concern for most of the visitors. For those who plan a tour to the zoo, look here! We have collected some information Metroparks Zoo coupons & discounts and tips on grasping them. Just follow our guide and a money-saving trip is just within your reach.

Savings Opportunities offered by the Zoo:

The most reliable way to get discounts is trying group visits. For any groups of 25 or more playing people, each one can get $1 off with advance reservation (call at 216-635-3308). When it comes to the school groups, no one will get charged if coming from Cuyahoga County. For those out of the County, the specific admission is indicated on the website of Metroparks Zoo.

Group Visits Information

Another way to get discounts is applying for memberships. Once you become members for Cleveland Zoological Society, you can receive discounts for special event registration like Summer Day Camp and Rising Waters Overnight Camp. For more detailed info about Cleveland Zoological Society membership:

Cleveland Zoological Society Membership

Cleveland offers a kind of card which gives visitors affordable access to nine major attractions in the region. It is the Cleveland Plus Pass with which the holders can save up to 30% of regular admission ticket prices. Get the Card now:

Cleveland Plus Pass

Good Any Day Coupons (of $1 off regular summer admission prices) are available at the following places:

AAA office: 216-606-6225 or 800-711-5370.

Discount Drug Mart

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Online Store

HR departments in many companies have Good Any Day tickets. Call 216-635-3389.

Besides, you may get coupons or coupon codes online for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as well. Here is a collection of reputable websites for coupons, and be sure to check them before ticket purchase.


Coupon Mountain

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Parking Information

With a large variety of animal species and plants, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo ranks among the list of hot tourist attractions in Cleveland. It provides visitors with numerous exhibits, as well as education and conservation programs for all ages and interests. As a result, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is often seen as a living classroom where visitors can get a better understanding of the natural world.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is opened all year around (except January 1 and December 25), 10 am - 5 pm daily while the main gate opens at 9:30 am. If you want to explore the event and exhibit calendar, click:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Events

Tickets and Fees

(It is noteworthy that Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is free of charge for residents of Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township on Mondays.)

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is located at 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, within easy access from Interstates 71, 77, 90 and 480. As the Zoo is quite crowded on busy days, such as weekends and Mondays, it is advisable to follow the routes suggested on the website of the Zoo to avoid delays.

Driving to the Zoo

Then how about parking facilities of the Zoo? There are ample parking spaces inside the zoo, and shuttles run between the parking lots and the main entrance continuously. Parking signs are posted clearly for an easy access. Four main parking sites are found respectively at Parking Stork Lot, Parking Hippo Otter Lot, Parking Lion Lot, and Parking Bear Lot. Besides, the road surrounding the Northern Trek is also served as overflow parking facility. All parking facilities mentioned above are free! You can download a map of the Zoo to locate parking lots quickly.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Map

In addition, there are a number of hotels near Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, most of which offer parking service. So it is wise to park your cars in hotel parking lots and walk several minutes to the Zoo, which can save you from finding or even waiting for parking spaces inside the Zoo. Following is a collection of hotels with parking service near Cleveland Metroparks Zoo:

Hyatt Regency: 420 East Superior Avenue. Call at +1 216 575 1234.

Cleveland Airport Marriott: 4277 West 150th Street

Days Inn Independence: 5555 Brecksville Road

Courtyard Cleveland Independence: 5051 West Creek Road

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Address, Maps and Directions Information

Covering 165 acres of land, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo features one of the largest collections of primates in North America. It has been split up into a couple of areas and its Monkey Island is highly appreciated by visitors because it keeps Colobus Monkeys in a free-range condition. Founded in 1882, the Zoo is widely considered to be the seventh oldest zoo in the nation.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is definitely a great place for both adults and children to have a blast when the weather cooperates. It's awesome to spend a day with your family there. Maybe you should take other visitors' advice "the scenery and parks are really worth the price of admission. The zoo does a wonderful job at educating visitors and making sure everyone has a great time."

Plan your visit to the Zoo now and you are undoubtedly ensured a fun and enjoyable experience. Information given below would help you locate the Zoo and reach it.

Official Website of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is nestled at 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland Ohio. Usually, it won't take more than 5 minutes for visitors to get to the Zoo from downtown Cleveland. Plus, the convenient location also makes the Zoo easily accessible for tourists from other cities.

Since there are various great attractions inside the Zoo, visitors might need a Zoo Map to guide their trips. Just as it mentioned above, the Zoo has been divided into several areas. On the south of the Zoo is the Rain Forest. When you visit the Zoo in winter, the Rain Forest would really give you a break from the cold weather.

Visitors can find an area labeled as "Australian Adventure" on the southwest of the Zoo while the Primates, Cats and Aquatics House is situated at the northwest of the Zoo. The home of cold climate animals - Northern Trek can be found on the northeast of the Zoo. The largest bear species collections in North America are settled there.

The Waterfowl Lake is located at the center of the Zoo. Flamingos and gibbons are the major residents of this area. Next to the Waterfowl Lake, you can find the African Savanna close the entrance of the Zoo. Beautiful views of the African Savanna include the Monkey Island and a variety of animals like lions, black rhinos, giraffes and gazelles.

For visitor's convenience, the Zoo's official site provides several maps to help locate interesting attractions inside the Zoo. You can visit the page below:

Map of the Zoo

When you plan your visit, especially for driving visitors, directions to the Zoo are of great importance. In order to make your trips smoother and help you avoid delays, recommended routes to the Zoo are also provided.

Visitors who travel from I-71 are suggested to exit at Fulton Road and take a right turn at fork. Keep head south on Fulton Road and then turn on to Wildlife Way. Continue straight and then you can find the entrance of the Zoo is located on your left.

When you drive from I-90, make sure you're heading south on I-90 and exit at Fulton Road. Stay on Fulton Road until you encounter Wildlife Way. Turn left on to Wildlife Way and keep straight. Then the Zoo's entrance would be on the left.

There are two routes for driving visitors from I-480: Keep north and exit State Road. Then you can get to the Zoo by following Zoo signs. Otherwise, you need to head north and exit Ridge Road. Then turn onto Memphis Avenue. Follow Zoo signs and you can arrive at the Zoo very soon.

Visitors from I-80 or Ohio Turnpike also have two options. Take Exit 173 and turn on to I-77. Keep north on I-77 until you encounter I-480. Head west and then turn to State Road. Go north and continue on Pearl Road. When you see signs of the Zoo, follow these signs. If you prefer to take Exit 161, remember to turn onto I-71. Follow I-71 north to west 25th Street. Then Zoo signs would lead you to the entrance.

For those coming from Akron, two routes can be found. Take I-77 and keep north on it. After turning on to I-480, head west. Exit State Road and turn onto Pearl Road. Follow signs and get into the Zoo. Or, you can choose to exit Ridge Road and continue north on it. Go through Memphis Avenue and then follow Zoo signs.

If you drive from Geauga Lake, remember to take SR 43 and head north on it. Turn to SR 91 and then go west on SR 422. When you turn onto I-480, exit State Road. Stay on Pearl Road for about 24 miles and follow Zoo signs to reach the Zoo.

Directions to get to the Zoo

The Destination of Breathtaking Wildlife Scene: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Tours Guide

When in Cleveland, the Cavaliers are not the only one to give life to your visit but also the numerous tourist spots like the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Next time, when you watch live games of the Cleveland Cavaliers, spend some time to visit its one of a kind Zoo. Located at 3900 Wildlife Way Cleveland, OH, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is open daily except Christmas day and New Year's day from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 pm. Tickets are very affordable at $10 for adults aged 12 and older, while children aged 2 to 11 are charged at $7 each. On the other hand, children under the age of two are free.

When in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, visitors will have the chance to view the hotel's various discoveries of plants and animals. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo can be easily reached by car or public transport particularly via RTA. Parking will never be a problem because it is free.

On the other hand, aside from enjoying what the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has, you can be part of the Zoo and its activities by joining its membership, applying for a jar, of by becoming one of their editors.

Know the different activities that the Zoo has and opt to be in the Zoo during your favorite. Currently, the Zoos upcoming events like the Professor Wylde's Animal Show, Camp Ballarat Animal Show, witnessing Seal Training Demonstration, and more. On can also enjoy different exhibits at the Zoo like the Adabra Tortoise Exhibit, Aquatics Exhibits and more.

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Contact Page

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