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One of the most impressive modes of entertainment available in Cleveland is the Cleveland movies. All types of movies including the Sex and city charity events, digital cinemas, film festival, rush documentary events, and high definition operas are all available in theaters. Advance tickets are available for most of the movies. Thursday night is specially set aside as the student's discount night. In addition various film festivals also take place in the city. Finding about the current movies, their reviews, availability of advance tickets, student discounts, and forthcoming movies will be available in our movie guides and review articles.
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Cleveland Movies

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Find Newly Released Movies Fast and Easy: Guide to Top Recommended Cleveland Movie Theaters

Cleveland is a paradise for movie lovers. Given below are some of the most recommended movie theaters in Cleveland:

Cleveland Theaters: Created in 1977, the Cleveland Theaters is a group of 7 different theaters located all across the city. These theaters are Apollo Theater, Capitol Theater, Cedar Lee Theater, Solon Theater, Shaker Square Cinemas, Chagrin Cinemas, and Tower City Cinemas. In all there are 79 screens operated in these various theaters.

AMC Theaters: Located at Ridgepark Square, 8, the AMC Theaters are known for great value for money offers. Apart from being a simple movie theater, there are several other programs running like AMC Independent that shows independent and unconventional films, as well as other events like love concerts, opera, as well as sporting events. You can purchase various gift cards and movie merchandise at the gift shops located within the AMC cinemas.

AMC Theaters

Onimax Theater at the Great Lakes Science Center: This one is especially recommended for families with young children. The Onimax Theater at the Great Lakes Science Center offers entertainment along with education. With great children movies like the Hubble, Under the Sea, and Fighter Pilot, you can spend a complete day with your young ones clubbing the movie theater along with other exhibits at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Onimax Theater at the Great Lakes Science Center

Detroit Theater: Located at 16407 Detroit Avenue, the Detroit Theater is one of the oldest surviving movie halls in Cleveland. With great deals like super saver and bonus passes, you can enjoy a night out in the Detroit Cinemas like the old times.

Cleveland Theaters

Detroit Theater

Top Ten Movies to See When Visiting Cleveland with Your Lover

Movies are the best place to take your loved one, when you're in Cleveland. After a really great meal or dinner what could be more exciting than to watch a movie? Get cozy by holding hands and whisper to each other to know each others feelings and opinions. The movies can be really romantic place.

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The top ten romantic movies one can watch with their lover at a theatre are Along came Polly, Bed of roses, Bridget Jones Diary, Titanic, Casablanca, Father of the Bride, Ghost, 50 first dates, Clueless and How to lose a guy in 10 days. People who are into theater or plays can also find a nice quixotic play. Try taking your lover to a romantic play to bond better and get to know your partner to build up your relation with emotions, with communication, with interests and with love.

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Top Romantic Movies

There are two very popular cinemas in Cleveland and provide you with the best in movie experience. They are Omnimax Theatre and Tower city theatre which are located in downtown Cleveland and are rated the best among theatres.

These theatres provide recliner seats to the customers which will make you seep into them and give you a very comfortable seating. For special movie viewing there are recliner couches also available at a slightly higher fare but is rather romantic to share with your loved one. Even more fantastic would be the booth option. You can rent out the private booth at the theatre hall which is exclusive.

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