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Having the permanent collection of over 43,000 artworks, the Cleveland Museum of Art is counted among the most visited tourist destination of Cleveland. The collections are available in Chinese Art, Modern European Art, African Art, Photography and Contemporary Art, Drawings, Decorative Art & Design, European Painting & Sculpture, Textiles & Islamic Art and many other departments. Exhibitions, lectures, musical shows and many such events are regularly held at the museum. Ingalls Library is another attraction of the museum. Before you plan a trip to the museum, it is good to know how to spend a day over there. Get useful tips and advice on this from our travel articles that contain original information about the museum.
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Visiting Cleveland Museum of Art for Family Fun: Guide to Museum Hours, Events and Important Collections

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Cleveland is its Art Museum. The museum has been established in 1913 but was opened to the public in 1916. Since then a lot of different collection was added and a lot has changed in the museum.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Visiting the Cleveland art museum is perfect for the whole family and at the same time very educational. There's a wide variety of collection which would surely capture the interest of every family member. One of the most famous collections is the armor court where a number of medieval armor suits are in display. The museum also host temporary exhibits of famous artist. Important works like Pablo Picasso's 1930s work.

Museum's Famous Collection

The museum offers a public tour and they also accept school tours. Maps and gallery guides are also available for the museum's guest. The museum is open at 10am until 5pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. While they close at 9pm on Wednesday and Friday, the museum is closed on Monday.

Museum's Daily Schedule

The museum has a calendar for all the scheduled special events that will happened on certain dates. Some special events include the introduction of the museum's new gallery which includes the ancient world and Africa collection. And a lecture from Dr. John and Helen Collis about "Connect to Classical Culture" is also one of the most important events to happen in the museum.

List of Special Event's on the Museum of Cleveland

Enjoy Your Tour to Cleveland Museum of Art - Info on Family activities

At the Cleveland Museum of Art, you will enjoy over 43,000 works of art representing a diverse range from across the globe. The museum is famous for the substantial holdings of Egyptian and Asian art. Admission to the museum is free keeping in tune with the vision of its founders. The museum remained closed for nearly three years between 2005 and 2008 for major overhaul.

More art and more space to house them have now been added to the museum and presents about 588,000 square foot presently. To match the increased size, visitor amenities have also been appropriately enhanced. A $600 million endowment supports much of the activities at the museum and therefore, ongoing improvements and additions at the museum can be expected.

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Family programs at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art, family group coupons

Complementing the works of art, the museum also offers family events, performances, lectures, and book clubs providing books on artistic themes. Visitors can also enjoy music, films and performing arts from across the globe.

Educational programs at the museum are another facet that families can focus on particularly for the youngsters. Among the festivals that the museum hosts, Parade The Circle, Chalk Festival, and the 'Winter Lights and Lantern Festival' are major events designed for families.

Hands on activities during the festivals are designed for visitors from across age profiles. Movie lovers have the opportunity to see a diverse range of films from different eras and genre all through the year. For the researchers, the Ingalls Library offers a treasure of facilities and knowledge resources in the area of Art and the diverse dimensions of art.

Cleveland Museum of Art programs for Cleveland families

Cleveland Museum of Art - A Must See Spot for Family Vacations

Among the largest Art museums in the nation, the Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for its massive collection of over 43,000 works of art drawn from around the globe. The collection while being large is also diverse with a healthy mix of art objects drawn from different regions such as Egypt, Asia, Mediaeval, European etc. True to the wishes of its founder, admittance to the permanent collections at the museum continues to be free. However, a nominal donation may be sought to support the ongoing expansion activities of the museum.

The museum is housed in a total floor space of close to 600,000 square feet. With the recent renovation and additions, the museum facilities have improved remarkably and visitors are bound to have a number of facilities which were hitherto absent.

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Conveniently located in the University Circle area, the Cleveland Museum of Art should rightfully be on the top of your agenda. The better part of a whole day is often necessary to enjoy and appreciate all that the museum has on offer. Affordable and convenient lodging options are available in plenty in the immediate vicinity of the museum making things easier for you.

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The museum also offers a series of special events such as teen programs, fashion shows, fine print fair, lectures, concerts, discussions, film series and family events. Some of these events however will require you to obtain appropriate tickets. After the recent renovations, restaurants offering light meals and wine have also been added to the facility.

Collections at the Cleveland Museum of Art

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A Brief Guide to Cleveland Museum of Art - Museum Hours and Special Events

Cleveland offers a series of cultural institutions for her visitors and topping the list of these is the Cleveland Museum of Art. Positioned among the most important art museums in the nation, this is also the singular major museum in the nation continuing to offer free admission to the permanent collections on display. The location of the museum in the University Circle area makes it even more convenient because you are in the vicinity of several other attractions that Cleveland has on offer. The Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for its collection of medieval, pre-Columbian, Asian and Indian Art.

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This museum is closed on all Mondays and open on all the other days from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening with an extension up to 9 in the evenings on Wednesdays and


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The museum has a rich history dating back to early 1900s and has gone through several expansions in 1958,1971 and 1983.

Special events at the museum include family programs, teen programs, film series, lectures, fashion show and boutique, fine print fair, concerts, discussions and lectures on new galleries and more.

You can gather all the information on special events at the museum here:

Special events at the Museum

Visitors across age profiles can also enjoy the armor court at the museum which is an enclosed courtyard which is light filled and present a dozen suits belonging to the medieval armor. The French Impressionists collection featured among the permanent collections too deserve special mention.

To help visitors refresh themselves up, light meals and wine are also provided within the museum premises.

Collections at the Cleveland Museum of Art

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Feast Your Eyes & Soul: The Cleveland Museum of Art Permanent Collection Overview

If you are an art lover, you cannot afford to miss the museum on your visit to Downtown Cleveland. There is a distance of only 15 minutes to this museum from the downtown area.

The collections at this museum can be categorized to various groups such as Indian Art, Asian Art, Pre-Columbian Art and Medieval European Art.

The armor court of the museum is of much importance in the permanent collection of museum. The term armor court refers to an enclosed and light-filled courtyard with several medieval armor suits. The collection of French Impressionist is another popular feature of it. There are enormous Art Nouveau varieties.

The works by Hector Guimard and Louis Tiffany are of much importance. The marble and bronze structures here are highly attractive. The permanent collections at this museum are more than four thousand presently.

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The museum at

The exact location of this museum is '11150 East Boulevard' in Cleveland, Ohio. Except on Mondays, this museum is open on all days including Sunday. The visiting times vary based on the days. On Sundays, Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays, the visiting time is between 10 am to 5 pm. On Fridays and Wednesdays visitors are allowed from 10 am to 9 pm.

The artists whose works have been exhibited here include: El Greco, Poussin, Caravaggio, Frans Hals, J.M.W Turner, Goya, Dali, Rubens etc to name a few. The other events held here include music lectures and music concerts.

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