Cleveland Museum Of Natural History

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was opened in the year 1920 and is known for its interactive exhibits. Reconstructed dinosaur skeletons, prehistoric fossils, archaeology exhibits and natural gemstones are some of the main highlights of the museum. Shafran Planetarium is another interesting section of the museum that hosts astrology based shows everyday. The Hamann-Todd Collection featuring hundreds of human skeletons is also worth exploring. You must know about the location and driving directions for the museum, if you are new to the city. For this, you will find our travel articles about Cleveland informative and full of guidance.
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Cleveland Museum Of Natural History

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History Touring Guide: Interactive Exhibits and Attractions for Kids

Cleveland museum of natural history is a place where kids would be able to learn and pick things very easily. The museum has many exhibits and attractions which is very rare and also defines the city of Cleveland.

Kids love the dinosaur bones that they see at Cleveland museum of natural history. You would also come across fossils and many description and exhibits of Ohio birds.

Kid also love the fact that Cleveland museum of natural history has a restaurant where kids could have their food if they get tired roaming around the museum.

The Blue Planet is a wonderful place to have lunch in the middle of your sojourn at the museum.

The most remarkable aspect of the museum is the planetarium.

A planetarium show is highly preferred by many kids, who are eager to know how the universe functions. The guide teaches you about the significance of the universe, and the topic often revolves around the current astronomical discussions.

You are encouraged to put up questions to the one who impart knowledge about the place.

The Cleveland museum of natural history has two floors in its structure. You would come across the reconstructed dinosaur skeletons, and it is the most important mystery which kids seems to solve it on its own.

The museum also conducts live music and many special activities for kids.

The museum has sections related to Ohio insects and Ohio ecology. The Cleveland museum of natural history is stationed at 1, wade oval, Cleveland.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History Tours Guide: Exploring the East of Downtown Cleveland

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is locate in Cleveland City in the Ohio state and is a spectacular site in the US and attracts millions of visitors every year. The museum has a collection of over four million artifacts and specimens. Established in 1920, the aim was to conduct research and development in several fields of study. There are several museum tours available for tourists.

About Cleveland Museum tour

You can see fossils of pre-historic creatures, gemstones, flora and fauna of the region and other historical artifacts. The museum also has a special department natives and tribal communities of Ohio. The state's natural history is also exhibited through several collections and exhibits.

Exhibits of the museum

There is a planetarium where daily shows and programs are held on the galaxy and the solar system. After the show, an interactive program is held on the current astronomical subject. The museum is open between 10 am and 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, it is open between 12 noon and 5pm. tickets are available at the museum premises and are priced at $10 with concessions for students and senior citizens. The museum also hosts live music shows and kid's shows.

Other details of the museum

Apart from the museum which is located at the east of Downtown Cleveland, the area also has a number of other attractions such as the Ohio University, the Cleveland Museum of Art, parks and botanical garden as well as several other educational and healthcare facilities. The eastern downtown has also become a major commercial hub in the state.

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