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Cleveland tourism literally thrives on the glorious music scene, from live rock concerts to wondrous musical festivals and shows, you can experience them all! There are numerous musical varieties and tourists can check out the venues or buy tickets for their favorite kind of music show. For example, live jazz complimented with good food can liven up the atmosphere for music lovers, while people can flock to hear national and local artists enthrall one and all by their musical plays. So, tap your feet to Ian Hunter's evergreen classic "Cleveland rocks" and enjoy the musical ambience. Breezing through our valued travel articles can help you understand the land better and find out the exact music venues and locations.
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For Your Entertainment in Cleveland: Guide to Largest Theatre, Special-Exhibition Programs and Latest Music

Cleveland is a city with a penchant for entertainment. The people in the city love music, special exhibition programs, and also some good music in the city.

You would come across music hall and clubs offer live shows and also very good dining experience.

What is unique about the city is the people's penchant for live shows and entertainment programs, and that is the reason why so many entertainment outlets have cropped up in the city.

The Playhouse Theatre is not a new name for the people of Cleveland, and if you are a first time tourists then make sure that you take your time out and visit the theatre, as it is a hub of performing arts action.

You would come across Broadway shows, and many artists from across the country come and perform in the playhouse theatre.

Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the best places to view art shows and exhibitions.

The museums organises chalk shows, and winter lights lantern festival.

The Cleveland museum of art is also home to some of the best musical shows in the city.

The city of Cleveland has always been considered the capital of music, and it is also dubbed as a rock and roll city.

There are plenty of places where live musical shows are performed.

Boulevard Blue near Larch Mere Boulevard is perhaps, the best place to go for American cuisines, while you listen to live bands at the same time.

House of blues is also a popular live musical venue in the city.

Talk to Music: Cleveland Local Music and Well Known Music Events

Cleveland is one of the important cities in the United States of America. The city has a very rich art and musical culture and heritage. It is home to some of the major bands of North America.

Cleveland houses the Playhouse Square Center, one of the performing arts center in the United States. It conducts various Broadway musicals, special concerts, and other events that are spread through out the year. The city also has the Cleveland Pops Orchestra.

Playhouse Square Center

Cleveland Music Festival

The festival time in Cleveland is between mid-may to mid-September. Dozens of festivities are hosted at this time to commemorate Northeast Ohio's rich ethnic heritage. Let's take a look at some of them.

Hessler Street Festival

This festival is organized in University Circle's Hessler Street. The festival spans for two days in late May. It is a street fest that has everything from food, live music, crafts, dancing in the streets, and poetry readings. It is held on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Great American Rib Cook-off and Music Fstival

The Great American Rib Cook-off and Music Festival, is conducted on the Memorial Day weekend. It signifies the commencement of the Cleveland summer festival season. It lasts for four days and is organized in the Tower City Amphitheater. This festival features entertainers, kid's activities, rib outlets from around the world, and many more.

Besides these, Cleveland has many other music festivals like Greek Heritage Festival, Parade the Circle, 185th Street Festival, Vintage Ohio, Twins day Festival, Feast of Assumption, Burning River Festival and Ingenuity Festival.