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Millions of specimen of paleontology, archaeology, mineralogy, zoology, ornithology and other scientific departments can be found at the Cleveland Natural History Museum. Skeletons of monkeys and apes, tyrannosaur and various primitive creatures can be found at the museum. Mineralogy collection and mammoth specimen are among other collections of the museum. Located in the University Circle area, the museum is open for different timings on different days of the week. Obtain information about the timings, admission fees and other things before visiting the museum. For such tips, you can refer to the information compiled by us in our genuine travel articles.
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Cleveland Natural History Museum

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Basic Things to Know about Cleveland Natural History Museum: Open Hours, Price and Department

In the American State of Ohio, Cleveland is a beautiful city located on the southern shores of the Lake Erie. The Cleveland museum of natural history got started in 1920 and offers many interactive and absorbing exhibits. It is built across a 500 acre land and offers various institutions for cultural, medical and educational institutions.

The museum deals with all sorts of researching and collection in the fields of wildlife biology, botany, anthropology, geology, astronomy, paleontology etc. The Ohio archeology exhibits primarily focus on the Native American Tribes who once resided in the land of Ohio. The museum also offers a room-full of natural gemstones, prehistoric fossils and dinosaur's skeleton remains.900 primate skeletons and over 3100 human skeletons, constitute the Hamann-Todd collection that started in 1893.

The Shafran Planetarium, built within the area of the museum offers astronomical shows daily for 35 minutes. The audience is free to ask any question to the museum astronomer who leads each show. During the summers the museum offers extra hours of visit and also a reduced admission fee. Special exhibits, children's activities and live music are also offered by the museum.

The museum is located on the eastern side of the Western Reserve Historical Society and near the Cleveland Botanical Garden and the Art Museum there is enough space for parking near the museum building. full lunch services and snacks is provided by The Blue Planet, a coffee shop in the Cleveland Natural History Museum. There is also a gift shop within the area.

Full of Fun - Things for Kids to Do in Cleveland Natural History Museum

In Cleveland OH Wade Oval Drive plays host to one of the most attractive places to visit in the city of Cincinnati. Wade Park, surrounded by East Blvd., plays the main landmark for visitors to the Cleveland Natural History Museum. The facility is known for a regular participation in cultural events, archeological seminars and other aspects of the city's natural and social development that feature the region's social development into a cosmopolitan society over the past few decades.

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Cleveland Natural History Museum

Dinosaurs, present day animals, the Earth and other universally important subjects are part of the most interesting features that can be used when you are traveling with kids. The art of the museum and other interesting subjects, regarding natural history, making of a museum, forums pertaining to the expanse of cultural traditions in the Ohio region are some of the major elements in the special programs held for kids.

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One can become an inherent part of the contributions that the Cleveland Natural History Museum organizes for the education of the general mass in Ohio. The programs that are launched through the enterprises of the museum also help a large proportion of the Cincinnati public to learn further about their native cultures and openings of expressions throughout the centuries that has influenced American life and culture in the region.

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