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For those people who love to have their coffee while reading the morning newspaper, the city of Cleveland can be a reader's haven. There are numerous news agencies churning out local as well as international news through their popular newspapers. Cleveland newspapers include business news, daily news segments and weekly subscriptions. Some of the popular newspapers include News-Herald, Star Beacon, The Press, Free Times, The Morning Journal, Sun Newspapers, Cleveland Live, etc. Visitors can choose the newspaper according to their personal choice. One can also take a glance at our first class travel articles and gather more info about the best newspaper available in the city.
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Check Tourism Sections of Popular Local Newspaper to Find Less Known Fun Attractions in Cleveland

Cleveland has quite a number of attractions for the visitors. Known for many as the forest City, it features hotspots for fine arts, media, literature and even food. Fashion Week Cleveland is one of the events that draw in thousands of tourists from across the globe who love fashion. Aside from that, there are also educational, cultural and medical institutions that foreigners love to get to know about.

When it comes to the newspapers, there are three most popular ones. The first one is the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which is known as the largest newspaper that is produced daily. It provides complete local coverage about the city. Therefore, you can find here the fun attractions in Cleveland that are not featured in other papers or even websites. They are affiliated with the official website of the city.

Another newspaper is the Cleveland Scene, which is a weekly newspaper that can be obtained for free. It provides a lot of entertainment information. You can also go online to browse on their articles about music, films, arts and events in the city.

The third is the Sun Newspapers which are a group of community papers that contains tons of local information in almost every part of the town - even the suburbs. Thus, you will be able to spot the best attractions that are just near where you currently are. In addition, you will also be able to obtain the latest details regarding the upcoming events in the city. They are also affiliated with the official website of Cleveland.

The World at Your Fingertips: Finding the Best Cleveland Newspaper to Read

There are many quality newspapers in Cleveland. You can buy them for reading or can also read them online. Most of the best newspapers have online versions available, so they can be easily accessed and read.

Here are a few tips of finding the best Cleveland Newspaper:

Online Newspapers: Shelby Staris a quite a popular newspaper of the city and now it has an electronic version. The electronic version has separate sections for local news, sports news and lifestyle, blogs and other features. You can also find public notices, education features, obituaries etc. Then there are forums for discussion on different topics like religion, local news, politics, and sports. You can even share photos and videos or create a blog of your own.

You can also read news on This site has separate section for news on different areas in Cleveland like Downtown, East, West, Southeast and Southwest. Besides this you can find news on a wide range of topics like business, sports, jobs, entertainment, real estate etc. There is also a section where you can find news about different communities in Cleveland. In addition, you also get to see weather updates, videos, photos and more.

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Offline Version of News Papers: If you want to get the best news, buy The Plain Dealer. It is Ohio's largest and widely circulated newspapers so if you are in Cleveland, don't forget to get a copy. The news paper has different sections like front news, metro, sports, arts, classifieds etc. You also get separate special sections every day of the week.

Other Options: If you are interested in news and updates of the Catholic world of Cleveland and rest of the Universe, the best choice in Cleveland would be: Catholic Universe Bulletin. There are separate sections for national and world news, recipes, art, entertainment, obituaries etc. You can also find daily readings for the month and information on the Cleveland diocese.

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