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Party animals rejoice- the city of Cleveland offers you a very happening zingy nightlife! Some of the famous night party venues include Club Xtreme, Metropolis Nightclub, Slam Jams, Bar Flyy and Anatomy Nightclub. Some nightclubs offer special theme nights according to age or gender. While many other club joints host a variety of comedy or celebrity night specials to attract customers. Some night clubs are meant strictly for lesbians and gay people. Most of the tourists visiting this fascinating city are all too ready to hit the dance floor and party hard all through the night. So, if you are in the mood to drink and party all night long then our valued online travel pages can help you decide on the very best night club venues.
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Cleveland Travel Guide: Less Known Night Clubs for a More Civilized Nightlife

If you are looking for quiet places to spend the nights in cozy groups or a casual dinner, many nightclubs like Capri II Cocktails Deli would offer you the right combination of music, club goers, food and ambience. The need for various types of nightclubs is only a matter of larger tourist numbers turning up in Cleveland over the past few decades. A silent night can always be an enjoyable one given the exquisite assortment of downtown's swish classy bars.

With food becoming one of the more important criteria for a more civilized night out, Park View Nite Club can serve you well. Although it is a "cool place for shady people", the identity of the place has earned a name for its live music and blues jam performances, which make for a quieter ambience than in house music clubs and the regular discotheques. The ambience constitutes people with genuine interest in enjoying some soothing music - a great place for gentle socializing. The menu is also one of the biggest attractions, especially for pork preparations and the wine list.

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Moderately priced and quietly hidden on Freeman Avenue is the charming little Duck Island Club, which is considered a hidden treasure by many. It is also one of the largest selling nightclubs in Cleveland for its gay friendly stand managing to stick with good humor and camaraderie throughout parties and the usual evenings. However, note that Duck Island does not sell food apart from light snacks.

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A decent bar and food service make Brennan's Colony striking for those who like to rewind over the evening instead of visiting a vigorous nightclub. Brennan's Colony is known for great chops, chicken and seafood. The location is also a great feature as it sits on the shore. A friendly and patient staff also tops the bar with a cherry.

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Some lesser known nightclubs in Cleveland

Refreshing Cleveland Night Clubs Guide - You Cannot Afford to Miss

Once you're done visiting the tourist spots and local sights in the city during the daytime, it is a must to explore the thriving nightlife of Cleveland. There are a number of pulsating hot spots in the city you can choose to visit- all coming alive in the night with dance clubs, pubs, lounges and jazz clubs to cater to every variety of entertainment needs. The Warehouse District is especially well known for the exciting nightlife opportunities it presents.

Nightlife in Cleveland

The House of Blues is a great place to head to. Located in the downtown region of the city across the Pickwick and Frolic entertainment complex, the House of Blues combines an exquisite dining opportunity and a fantastic bar coupled with some fine music to make for a refreshing evening with friends and family. The establishment has an impressive amount of performing space and provides excellent entertainment for the patrons.

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The Mercury Lounge is yet another hot and happening place to head to. The lounge has been built in the famous Warehouse District and provides an unbeatable clubbing experience to its visitors. The club is divided into two zones- one which is open to the masses and the V.I.P zone that works on a reservation basis. The lounge is known as a great place to head to on the weekends for a night of drinking and dancing!

The Mercury Lounge in Cleveland

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