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Cleveland, Ohio houses some of the world's best museums in diverse categories. For example - the National Cleveland - Style Polka Hall of Fame Museum in the eastern corner of the city is enriched with numerous historical artifacts from the ancient past. Likewise, the William and Catherine Hubbard House also offers a beautiful glimpse of an ancient 19th century Underground Railroad dating back to the Civil war. Similarly, Cleveland is doted with such wondrous museums that are a major tourist attraction. Some of them are dedicated to history; science, art, Jewish sect, children's museum, money museum, health museum, etc. Get more authentic details about Cleveland museums through our exhaustive travel articles.
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Select 3 Must See Museums in Cleveland Ohio: Of the Best in USA, Even the World

The three must-see museums in Cleveland OH are located in the city's university area, flanked by US Routes 6 and 322. The majestic facilities are dedicated to different areas of social interest, namely art, nature and children. Located in the Wade Park area, most other museums are also reputed to have immense educational value and fun events are some of the major festivals at the museums.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History on 1 Wade Oval Drive is known to host shows and concerts enlivening the venue often on. The museum is a larger than life facility which dedicates is massive leadership and work force towards expeditions, discovery of newer aspects of our earth and extensive research programs, which also include distance learning programs.

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Children's Museum in Cleveland is located on Euclid Avenue at a walking distance from the Museum of Natural History. The facility is open between 10 and 5 everyday, and houses some of the most popular exhibits across Children's Museums across the world. Entries are also very reasonable at 7 USD for all, but no payments are needed for infants.

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Cleveland Museum of Art makes the trio complete. Located on East Blvd., the facility is known to host a series of special events, which cast certain themes of artifacts. The events may also be held on material used in the exhibition artifacts, prominent artists, political issues, and much more to relish through the exquisite showcasing of the world's best art products.

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Tops Places that No One will Miss: Guide to Museums and Historic Sites of Cleveland Ohio

City of Cleveland is located in the U.S. state of Ohio. The city has a lot of historical places and museums which can be of great interests to the tourists and visitors visiting the city in order to explore and understand the history of Cleveland. As far as museums are concerned, Cleveland Museum of Natural history attracts kids and adults alike and is a major attraction for tourists visiting the city.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History houses wide variety of collections in the field of wildlife biology, zoology, anthropology and archaeology. The major attraction for tourists is the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus-Rex (one of the most powerful predator dinosaur) preserved in the museum. It draws huge crowds to the museum.

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Another museum which is equally popular is the Cleveland Museum of Art. It houses a wide collection of African art, American paintings and sculpture, ancient Greek art, Chinese art and ancient South American artifacts. It is truly a paradise for art lovers. Cleveland's Children Museum is a quite popular tourist destination.

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The City of Cleveland also boasts of huge list of places of historical importance. The Terminal Tower is one of the most popular landmarks of the city of Cleveland. Alta Public Library is a great place for those who love reading and are fond of books.

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Cleveland Grays Armory is one of the oldest remaining buildings in the city and draws a lot of tourists. In order to gain more information about the historical sites of Cleveland visit the following link:

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The city also has a lot of cultural institutions. The Blossom Music Center is simply a great place for those who love music. Cain Park, another popular cultural institution, has an outdoor theatre, an amphitheatre and an art gallery.