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Cleveland is one of the most populated counties in the American State of Ohio. The main printed news-line of the city is The Plain Dealer with Cleveland Press running in close competition. Apart from these, weekly papers such as Cleveland Scene. TV news channels include WKYC, Channel 17 Digital, WEWS, etc. The cosmopolitan city has two major radio stations namely, 29 AM and FM. Foreign tourists and visitors are always kept abreast of world and local happenings in Cleveland. Recourse to our richly informative travel articles may offer great help to travelers visiting Cleveland.
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For a Discovering Tour: News, Weather and Entertainment to Explore about Cleveland Ohio

While traveling, it is best that you arm yourself with important information regarding your destination. Given below are some tips on how to get information on the news, weather, and entertainment about Cleveland when you are next visiting the city.

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News: There are many websites and channels which offer news on Cleveland. is one of the most reliable sources of news for the city. You can log on to the "real time news" section of the website to get updated information about all aspects of the city regarding government related initiatives, crime incidents as well as other civic issues which are currently affecting Cleveland.

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Climate: Cleveland has a humid continental type climate. While the city experiences very humid and warm weather in the summer months with maximum temperature going as high as 22.2 °C, the winter months are mostly cold and snowy. December, January, and February are the coldest months of the year where the city gets much of snowfall with temperatures plummeting to 0.33 °C on an average. Incase you are planning your visit to Cleveland in the winters, it is best to check the updated weather news for heavy snowfall and freak storms at one of the online news channel like beforehand.

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Entertainment: Cleveland is a city of music and entertainment. On one hand you have some of the greatest performing arts centers like the Playhouse Square Center and on the other museums like the Cleveland Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the best channels of information on entertainment in Cleveland is the This website gives you information about all attractions to see in your next visit to Cleveland as well as an updated calendar on upcoming events.

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News and Opinions on Cleveland Ohio Public Transportation that Visitors could Make Use of

In the U.S. state of Ohio, the Cleveland city has massive public transportation system. If you are in the city, you can choose bus service or high-speed train service that will operate over 95 routes.

The high speed trains are called Rapid. The city of Cleveland runs 4 high-speed train routes. The first rout connects downtown with Cleveland Hopkins Airport, the second connect downtown and Cleveland's west side, the third connects Shaker Square to eastern part of the city called Windermere while the last line connects places in the downtown Cleveland, for instance, the Public Square, the Rock with the Roll Hall of Fame.

In the city of Cleveland, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority(GRTA) operates 731 buses that run in 90 routes with over 8,500 bus stops round the city. This essential means of transport will cover more than 450 square miles and said to connect about 59 municipalities delivering smooth service to the people of Cleveland.

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Yet another means of transport system are cars. The highways I-77 and I-71 runs from north to south and I-90 runs from east to west connecting different vital points of the city.

Explore the city on foot. Cleveland's downtown and many of her neighborhoods are best explored on foot. Trendy Tremont, just south of downtown; the art and culture district of University Circle and Cleveland's ethnic enclaves, such as Little Italy and Slavic Village, are good examples of such areas. Though different points can be covered in downtown Cleveland by foot, there are times when the weather does not allow the journey.

A wonderful way of reaching a point is by using the Waterfront line. It covers different points of the city such as Terminal Tower on Public Square, Lakefront Stadium, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Burke Lakefront Airport, Wm G. Mather and USS Cod in a very short time.

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