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Cleveland is a haven for food aficionados as it is crammed with over 1,000 restaurants mostly in the Warehouse District, Gund Arena and Cleveland Heights area. There are many chic bistros, eateries and microbreweries too. Savor an excitingly diverse menu that range from sushi to Southern and more in any restaurant of your choice. Hit the Tower City Amphitheater to sample specialties from more than 50 restaurants on labour day weekends. To know more about the dining choices in Cleveland, all you need to do is browse our comprehensive travel guide.
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Insider Tips on Proven Best Local Restaurant in Cleveland: For an Unforgettable Dinner

The city of Cleveland is an eateries hub. You would find numerous restaurants in the city, and all these restaurants offer delicacies and yummy food for the guests.

It all depends on what type of food you wish to have and you would find restaurants according to that.

Moxie is perhaps the best restaurant if you plan to ride to the Cleveland suburb, as it is worth the drive and the effort you put together to reach the place.

They have got sea food for you, and you would also love the bread which the place has to offer.

Best restaurant in Cleveland suburb

If you are looking for Italian food in Cleveland, go to Luigi's and you would be served a top of the line Italian delicacies.

The city of Cleveland also has some of the best American local cuisines.

Swenson's and Lola are the best places to go for American cuisines.

Pearl road is the home to one of the best sushi restaurants in Cleveland. The food at Shinto Japanese steakhouse is prepared by one of the best Japanese chefs in town.

List of best restaurants in Cleveland

You could choose to have a great food at Rosewood grill. They provide good foods, and the staffs at the dining house are warm and friendly.

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If you love reading reviews before going to restaurants of your choice, go though the link below.

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Cleveland Restaurant for Special Occasions Recommendations: Look Before Leap!

Cleveland is known for hosting some of the best restaurants that are particularly famous for organizing special occasions. These Cleveland restaurants will arrange parties and events to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day etc.

Here are a few restaurants which offer great services for special occasions:

1) Mallorca: This restaurant of W.9th Street is known for its romantic ambience and friendly customer service. If you want to reserve this place for a special occasion you can do it by filling an online form or can also call 216-687-9494. There's a special party menu consisting of over 35 items. Every dinner menu will have 15 exclusive items; some of these are: dishes made from beef, lamb meat, lobster and ostrich meat.

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2) The Flying Fig: The Flying Fig is situated very close to Ohio City region Cleveland. The exact address of this eating joint is: 2523 Market Avenue Cleveland, Ohio. The menu includes healthy yet appetizing dishes. The owner offers services that include arrangements of special occasions, holiday functions, office parties and wine tasting events etc. The private party area has seating arrangement for 35 invitees. Other than that, there are two dining areas that can host up to 100 people. The chefs will work on specialized menu for the guests if ordered. You can call them at (216)241-4243 for further information.

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