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Cleveland is famous for at least a million reasons; and its diverse dining option is definitely one of its main calling cards. Rockne's is a great place to check out for some lip smacking American dishes; There are many coffee houses, pizza outlets and steak houses, fish n' chips stalls and more! Cleveland restaurants come in all possible shapes and sizes to suit the palates of the discerning guests dropping down on this city for an unbeatable dining experience. Check out our travel guide for some of the best sorted restaurants in Cleveland.
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Most Exotic Restaurants in Cleveland: Secret Recipes You Won't Want to Miss

Cleveland in Ohio is a popular spot with tourists from all over the world. If you are a food lover looking for exotic restaurants to tempt your palette, there are a number of joints in the city, some that are rather famous while others are well kept secrets.

If you use our list of the most exotic restaurants in Cleveland which offer secret recipes that you would not want to miss, we guarantee you a gastronomic experience like never before.

For the adventurous, there is an interesting restaurant called the Asian Grille. The Asian Grille is a reputed Thai restaurant with a unique setting and menu. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner through the week.

With a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful sculptures and low lighting and seating in the form of booths and tables the restaurant offers a special dining experience. The chicken in roasted cashew nuts and the salmon Panang are specialties of the restaurant.

The White Oaks Restaurant is a great place to go to for a fine dining experience. The rich wooden paneling and heavy glass windows create a warm, deep and grand atmosphere. The lounge offers a place for people to meet and relax while the window overlooking the stream makes for a romantic dinner experience. The restaurant has earned a reputation for being an ideal venue for wedding receptions and wedding rehearsal dinners.

The New York Spaghetti House is another well-known joint in Cleveland.

Wife's Advice - Guides on Dining in the Healthy and Yummy Cleveland Restaurants

If you want to maintain a healthy diet at the same time want to taste interesting and new food, there are few restaurants in Cleveland where you can get healthy food choices and cocktails. You can dine at these restaurants in Cleveland, listed below that offer healthy, tasty vegetarian and omnivore foods at affordable rates.

Naya Bistro & Lounge

Tommy's Restaurant

Healthy choices when dining out in Cleveland

Cleveland restaurants

Some guidelines to keep in mind while choosing a cuisine that is healthy are given here:

- Check the menu for healthy choice. Choose the cuisine marked with a symbol of a heart.

- Avoid buttered and buttery foods, sauteed, crispy, deep fried and creamed foods. Choose foods that are broiled, boiled, grilled or roasted.

- If you are served with bread and butter in the restaurant, ask the server to remove the butter from it.

- You can order baked potatoes without sour cream and butter. You can also use chopped herbs or cottage cheese to add on your potato.

- Instead of French fries you can opt for steamed veggies

- Go for green salads and avoid creamy potato and grated cheese in salads.

- Choose fat free, low fat, light oil based dressings instead of creamy dressings.

- If you cannot resist a dessert, choose the one very light like fresh fruit or sorbet.

- When you sit down to eat something, please remember to sit politely and relaxed, see and smell properly whatever you are munching.

Guides on healthy dining

Guides on healthy dining in Cleveland