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The legendary Cleveland song by Ian Hunter "Cleveland Rocks", which was released in 1979, is considered as the anthem in Cleveland. Cleveland radio station WMMS has been playing the Cleveland song every Friday at 6:00 PM since 1979. It is a matter of pride to this city and its populace that this song is also used as a victory song for the city's sports teams. The song is from the album You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic. You can read more about the Cleveland song and its history in our travel guide.
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Visitor's Guide to Hottest Songs in Cleveland for Good Wedding Background Music

The people of Cleveland lay special emphasis in the prelude to wedding. You would find special songs being sung during church ceremony prior to the wedding vows.

Wedding songs gives the wedding environment a new feel. Everybody present in the church somehow feel very inclined to the proceedings and wedding songs transform the environment of Cleveland weddings.

Churches normally play certain wedding songs over and over again.

It's important that you select the right band that has a lot of experience playing live weddings during wedding time.

Here are some of the songs that you could ask the church choir or bands to sing during the wedding ceremony.

Cleveland wedding background songs before wedding vows:

Always and forever by Kenny Rogers and Luther Van dross is perhaps, the best song which should be sung before the wedding vows.

Some wedding ceremonies are conducted very fast, and even one song or couple of songs would be enough.

If there's still some time left for another song ask the band to sing Amazed.

The song by Marv Green Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey is a song which is a perfect song for a prelude.

Cleveland Reception songs:

Reception is a party time, and many guests would love to engage in a dance with soft touch music, which would be perfect for a reception party.

Against all odds by Phil Collins, is a song that has always been part of Cleveland wedding circuit.

Beast of Burden sung by Bette Midler is one song, which is again a dance song for wedding reception.

Listen to Cleveland: Favorite Songs About or Mentioning Cleveland

Ian Hunter sang Cleveland Rocks on his 1979 album "You're never alone with a Schizophrenic". The song became a national hit owing to its popular local sentiments that made the 'uncool' city a subject of fondness for someone who has lived there.

About the song Cleveland Rocks

Look Out Cleveland by the Band is one of the favorite classic rock numbers released on the 1969 album titled "The Band". Being one of the famous albums, Look Out Cleveland had become an international hit over the years that followed for the next two decades. The song is still played on many radio channels, and is often considered the number 1 song about Cleveland.

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Scott Weiland released a popular song called Missing Cleveland. The song was treated with a sound that can be understood as a hard rock sub-genre. The composition was tailored with heavy guitar riffs running along the melody lines. The song talks about a young boy's feelings of chagrin and embarrassment as a growing youth. The protagonist in the song is an inherent native of Cleveland.

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Drunk on the Moon by Tom Waits is a theatrical composition released in the early 1970s with a poetic, slurred-speech approach to the song. The song talks about the general life in Cleveland's bars, streets and amongst people, ending the verse as 'it cuts through the night'. The song intersperses activities of joys, despair, compromise and lust that are parts of daily lives through the hours in a day at Cleveland.

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