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Cleveland is an exciting city which is best explored in a taxi. Enjoy the convenience of a private driver who will ferry you to all the happening places of this city. Cleveland Taxi services cater to all types of your transportation needs including discounted rides, shuttle services and executive pick-ups. Beat the traffic and enjoy a city ride at your own pace and go wherever you want in a chauffeur driven car. Our travel guide would keep you updated with the latest deals and discount fares of Cleveland Taxi service.
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Taxi Service is better than Car Rental - Saving Money from the Moment You Out of the Airport

Cleveland is one of the major cities of Ohio State, America. Quite a lot of people travel for business, leisure and corporate purposes. The best way to move in the city is through the taxi services provided by various companies.

Taxi services are cheaper than car rentals because they follow the meter readings. Car rentals have fixed tariff to different places. You can find taxis anywhere in the city connecting you to every nook and corner of Cleveland.

ABC Taxi LLC is one of the premier taxi services in Cleveland. They are extremely reliable with professional staff ready to assist you anytime during the day or night. On time pick up and drop is the specialty of this company.

Local or distant pick up is never a problem. House picks ups or door to door drop can be arranged with this company. Clean and tidy fleet is what the company ensures. Transportation to hotels, offices, airports, churches, hospitals or to anywhere in the city is comfortable and easy with this company.

"Need a Ride?" is another popular company providing services to the people in Cleveland. One Sixty Mile Transportation Inc. provides superior services to their clients. Rated 5 star by many of the websites, this company provides on time services to the clients.

Live delays and early departures of the flights can be tracked LIVE from the taxis offered by this company. Chauffeurs are also tracked every minute to ensure prompt services to their clients.

VIP Express Taxi Service, CLE Transportation Company and Airport Transportation Cleveland are few other taxi service providers in Cleveland who are well known for their punctuality, high quality services and best price.

After Flight Gets in: Info on Finding Low Cost Airport Taxi Service in Cleveland

Wherever you maybe, airport taxi service normally costs higher than the normal taxi you can find around the city. When you are in Cleveland, you never need to worry because, this article will help you find some low cost airport taxi service.

For you to save some amount of money in your transportation expense and have them added to your shopping budget, know first the different taxi companies serving Cleveland, Ohio. At present, Cleveland has 7 taxis companies serving including the ABC Taxi, Ace Taxi, Airport Taxi, Americab, United Cab, USA Taxi, and the Yellow Cab. These taxis are available for hire at the Airport Taxi Stand.

A taxi service from the airport to downtown Cleveland is normally charges passengers at $22 to $25. However, if you want to make sure of the rate before hiring, you can opt to call the taxi service office and inquire first so that you will definitely end hiring the cheaper ones.

On the other hand, a taxi service sometimes charges on a per mile basis while others charges on a per-hour basis. If you wish to pay your hailed taxi on a per mile basis, please be aware that you will be paying $2.25 for your first 1/8 mile or less travel and an additional $0.25 for every additional mile. Additionally, if you wish your hailed taxi to wait for some time, you will be charged $0.30 for each minute of waiting or at $18 per hour.

Aside from the above mentioned taxi service, Cletaxi, a taxi that served numerous Ohio cities is also serving Cleveland and will allow you to deal with your taxi driver directly. They charges, $25 for your travel to and from downtown Cleveland and Hopkins International Airport.

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