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Cleveland has history, culture and contemporary charm in equal measures, which makes it a popular holiday destination. There are many theaters in this city to cater to the patrons of art and cinema. Cleveland theater, which is being relocated to the Playhouse Square is one of the most recognizable landmarks of this city which happens to be America's first professional theater company and the oldest regional theater. It produces drama, comedies, musicals and world premiers'.Catch up with the latest shows and your favorite shows through our useful and updated travel guides.
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For a Theatrical Romantic Date: Enjoying an Evening Show in Cleveland Public Theater

The Cleveland Public Theater was established in the year 1981. The theatre was established a mission to raise the consciousness and compassion of the guest through live performances and educational programs. The Cleveland Public Theater is located at: 6415, Detroit avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.

The theater associates with the works which are progressive, political, challenging, creative, and with social challenges. Most of the theater works engage in the social issues and life changing educational programs. The creative programs invite thousands of audience to the theater.

The theater is beautiful, innovative and mind changing. The theater provides an incredible experience to the guest gathered there. The theater provides new seasons which are created with international and regional premier. The dance performances, creative live performances and many more are the works which makes the bets place for a romantic date in Cleveland.

You can enjoy the evening show in the theater with your loved ones. The book of Grace, Don't Call me fat, Kill will, Opera per Tutti Presents, Y- Heaven theater project, and the Little Box are the upcoming shows of the Cleveland Public Theater. Prior reservation is strongly recommended for the evening shows to avoid inconveniences.

You can get the tickets from the Cleveland theater box office. The box office will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. In Wednesdays you can reserve the ticket during 10 am to 5pm. From Thursday to Saturday the box office will be opened from 2 pm to 5.30pm. The ticket reservation will be done from 12 pm to 2 pm in Sundays.

Largest Theater Community - Cleveland Theater Tours Guide with Fabulous Performances

Cleveland is a good place to visit if you are a theater lover. Here, you get to find a variety of theaters in this city ranging from movies to live performances. Their prices are friendly and the facilities and performances high class.

Cleveland Play House:

Established in 1915, this is a theater you will never forget watching a play in. its environment is suited for the best plays and offers facilities for kid performances and the best theater setting. It provides comedies, drama and music performances on a regular schedule. It also offers adult acting classes. The theater is located five miles east of downtown Cleveland on Euclid Avenue. Parking is available.

Cleveland Play House

Berea Summer Theatre:

Located on 642 East Avenue, Akron, this is a theater like no other. It's a center of arts and drama. It offers a combination of plays and musical performances in summer on the Campus of Baldwin Wallace College. Quality of its facilities and performances is what it is best know for.

Berea Summer Theater

The Dark Room:

Located on 6415 Detroit Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102, the theater holds a collective show every second Tuesday of every month. This is the only place on earth you get to witness acts in a special way. Writers bring their work, seat back stage and witness their materials get enacted professionally. Entrance ticket charges are only $5 per person and can be bought personally or by calling their extension line.

The Dark Room

Pandemonium 10: The Wild Side:

located on 6415 Detroit Avenue, the Pandemonium holds benefits that you would not want to miss while enjoying a play or dance. The theater holds dances, high class performances and fabulous food and drinks. The entry tickets are only $125 and may also be purchased by calling their extension or through their box office. This is certainly a theater you would not want to miss.