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Cleveland has always been famous for its arts and culture scenario, which drew gifted artists and award winning performers to this city. Cleveland Theatre located in the heart of Playhouse Square, ensures the best community theatre experience for the city dwellers and produces a range of dance, music, poetry and performance art forms; not to forget the premier shows of some of the best classics and children's programs. The art buffs can get on top on what's on and when by going through our travel guide, which lists out the tickets details, reviews and schedules.
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Cleveland Theatre Hullabaloo: Explore A Fantastic Adventure Under Moonlit With Your Young Kids

While traveling to Cleveland with your family and kids, do not forget to attend a show presented by the Theatre Hullabaloo. This company excels in offering quality work, designed especially for the young audiences. Works of highest artistic quality and projects inspiring innovative thoughts and ideas among young kids is displayed by the theatre. The Theatre operates to support works of artistic challenge and promotes the right of all children to take active part in the cultural and creative activities.

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Young audience, especially kids aged three and above as well as families can enjoy a great evening of amazing moonlit adventure and see the great works presented with the help of puppets and pirates in the Theater Hullabaloo.

The Night Pirates at Cleveland Theater Hullabaloo

Cleveland Theatre Hullabaloo also hosts an event called - 'Takeoff Festival' that presents a unique opportunity for theater artistes to come together at one platform and discuss various perspectives involved in this field for young kids. It is an integral part of Cleveland Theatre Hullabaloo that is held annually. It invites several companies from the UK and people from other countries, who are in this field, to present their work.

The festival is also aimed at helping artistes and theater people to spread more awareness about the achievement and potential of this entertainment medium amongst fund providing firms, producers and promoters to garner adequate financial support.

Take Off Festival at Cleveland Theater Hullabaloo

If you want to be a part of the Cleveland Theater Hullabaloo and create quality artistic work for young audiences, you can join the Hullabaloo Club and keep up to date with all the latest news.

Oldest African-American Theater in the US: Basic Facts about Karamu Performing Arts Theatre

Karamu house is the oldest African-American performing arts theater in United States. The theater is located in the Cleveland's neighborhood Fairfax. It is founded in the year 1915.

The Theater was founded by two Oberlin college alumni, Russell and Rowena Woodham Jeliffe. The house was dedicated for creating an integrated theater company. The Karamu Theater houses a six plays each year during fall, winter and spring.

The Karamu is the nation's oldest African American cultural institute. The theater program includes performances by Amiri Baraka, Ossie Davis, and Langston Hughes. The most popular performance in the Karamu house production is the annual holiday presentation of Black Nativity by Langston Hughes.

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Karamu Early childhood Development center is the sponsor program for children from 6 weeks to 14 years. The program is a full day care facility for the children. The program includes art classes, cultural field trips and after school programs. Karamu house has a center for arts and education in spite of the early childhood development center. The subjects offered in the center are drama, dance, scrap booking, drawing and more.

The karamu house was I the beginning referred to as the Playhouse settlement. The Play house settlement became the magnet for some of the best African American artist. The theater was renamed as Karamu Theater in 1941. The Karamu Theater honors the artist skills and talents.

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