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Cleveland tours will be an amazingly diverse experience for most of you. From the haunted ghost tours that send a chill down the spine to the funny trolley tours and city tours there is something for everyone! Hit the West side market to take in the bustle of the market and aroma of freshly made goodies, enjoy a tee session in a golf green or set out on a relaxing river cruise. Our travel guide with a long listing of tourist places and tour options would be a great bet to get started.
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Smart Plan for Your Tours: Make Your Travel in Cleveland Less Expensive

Travel in Cleveland could be expensive, if you don't follow the trips to travel to Cleveland.

It's important that you understand the city, and that would help you to make your travel to Cleveland less expensive.

Travelling to Cleveland involves right from hotel accommodations to car rentals and also in many cases choosing a sightseeing package in Cleveland city.

You should also take care that you hire a cheap car hire service and make your travelling in the city less expensive.

However, you are advised to travel by busses within the city to save on travelling costs, while you are in Cleveland.

Some more important tips on how to make your travel in Cleveland less expensive

Now, if you have arrived in Cleveland Hopkins airport, then it's rather important to make sure that you get the best car rental service to go inside the city to your desired destination.

There are many car rental services in Cleveland city and most of this car rental service is located just outside the Airport Campus.

You may compare the car rental fares, before you pick your option.

Car rental service in Cleveland

You could also get a cheap stay option in Cleveland city, and make your stay in the city cheaper, and affordable.

Look for best getaway options in Cleveland city

There are some good places to stay in Cleveland at cheap price.

Check cheap Cleveland hotels

For Memorable Traveling Experience: Guide to Amazing Boat Tours of Cleveland

The city of Cleveland, Ohio provides access to Lake Erie and several other waterways, making it the perfect destination for a boat cruise. There are many boat tour providers in the city.

Boat Tours by Wildwood Marina:

If you plan to go fishing in a group, this package will allow you to rent a boat for the day. If you plan to go alone, you can opt for head boats where you only have to pay an individual fee for a day of fishing. There is a wide range of tackle, bait and rods available at the marina.

Diving and Sightseeing tours:

If diving is your forte, these tours offer you a chance to explore Lake Erie shipwrecks which even today remain amazingly intact due to the cold waters of the lake. Sightseeing tours start from Wildwood Marina and cruise on to Downtown Cleveland and then down the Cuyahoga River. There are special tours for like July 4 Fireworks cruise, Tall Ships Festival Cruise and so on.

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Official Website of Wildwood Marina

Discussion on Fishing Charters on Wildwood Marina Official Website

Boat Tours by Tommy Time:

The Sunset Cruise is a 2 hour package inclusive of drinks and hor d'oeuvres. Dinner and Sunset cruise is an ideal way to spend an evening. This 5 hour cruise includes drinks and appetizers and a stop at a restaurant. Then there are overnight cruises which last for 24 hours. The cruise docks at some points for meals. Restaurants they are linked up with include Chez Francois, Red Clay, Pickle Bill's, Shooter's, and The Jackalope etc.

By going for the Custom Cruises, you can also choose a destination of your choice for the boat tour and spend a day, weekend or even just an afternoon there along with guests of your preference. This will include events like the Cleveland Air Show.

Cleveland Boat Tour Options Offered by Tommy Time