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Looking for an exotic vacation? Few places could provide as much memorable experience as Cleveland. Enjoy music in the six interactive listening rooms of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or hop on to the Lolly the Trolley for one of the sightseeing tours of the city as well as its neighborhood. Other highlights include Great Lake Science Center, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, and revitalized Waterhouse district. Also experience over hundred vendors selling goods of all types at West Side Market, an indoor/outdoor bazaar. Going through our travel articles can help you choose the exact itinerary and make your Cleveland vacation an unforgettable experience.
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A Comprehensive Travel Guide For Cleveland Vacations: Traffic, Food, Hotels And More

As the largest Metropolitan city in the state of Ohio, Cleveland is a city with improved infrastructure and economic diversity that has made it one of the best ranked livable cities in US as well as the best city for holding business meetings. With a rich History, the city has a few other interesting areas that visitors can enjoy.

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The city has a well developed public transit system with a number of bus routes as well as rapid transit. The buses serve various places such as the suburbs and are in operation 24 hours while others are on during rush hours only. The visitor can choose Taxis or can rent vehicles from a variety of Car rentals in Cleveland such as Avis, Hertz and others.

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There are a number of Cleveland hotels that any visitor can choose from as per their needs. Guests can check into various star-rated hotels as well as those with specific facilities such as those that are pet-friendly. Hotels here are designed with different styles giving the city a unique architectural design. Some of the hotels include the Wyndham Cleveland, Hilton Garden Inn and others

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Cleveland restaurants are renowned for their wonderful foods prepared to greatness. The various restaurants and cafes are situated all over Cleveland and prepare a variety of cuisines from all over the world. The foods feature mixes of spices as well as other details from India, Asia and Mediterranean regions. Most of them are situated in the Historic Warehouse District, The Flats, Getaway Neighborhood and East side Suburbs.


Some of the attractive feature sin Cleveland include the Terminal Tower, The Old Arcade, museums such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, and other galleries and science and technology