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Concerned about the weather in Cleveland during your forthcoming trip there? Expect humid and warm summer or cold and snowy winter depending on the time you have decided to visit Cleveland. Temperature ranges from -8 degree Celsius to zero degree Celsius in January and 16 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius in June representing the pick of winter and summer respectively. Learn perfectly about the Cleveland weather forecast with our weather forecast bulletins and articles that will help you decide your traveling itinerary perfectly.
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Cleveland Weather Forecast

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Make Full Use of Weather Forecast and City Map - For the Upmost Fun in Cleveland

When traveling, being armed with information on weather and the map of the area always helps. Here are a few tips on how to get such information about Cleveland before you plan your next visit to the city.

Weather: Cleveland has a continental climate. This means that the summer months of the year, especially June, July, August, and September see very humid and warm weather, with mean temperatures soaring up to 22.2 °C. However, the rainfall in this season is less with an average of 3.69 inches on an average. The winter months see a cold weather with frequent snowfall. The months of December, January, and February have a mean temperature of 0.33 °C and there is snowfall up to 16 inches.

When planning your trip to Cleveland, especially during the winter months, it is advisable that you enquire about the weather beforehand. This will save you from being unnecessarily caught up in snowstorms or other such bad weather phenomenon. One of the most reliable websites that provides Cleveland information is Here you can get real time, hour by hour as well as 5 day forecast weather about Cleveland.

Map: The layout of the city Cleveland is simple. The downtown area is centered on the area called Public Square which is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the region. This area is home to the theater district and many mixed use districts. Apart from this, the city is clearly divided into 3 segments: east side of Cuyahoga River, west side of Cuyahoga River, and then the south side. Each of these areas is mostly residential neighborhoods. One of the most reliable map sources with updated information on new roads, building etc about Cleveland is the

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Things to Prepare Before the Trip to Cleveland: Hotels, Traffic and Weather Forecast Info

Cleveland is a popular city in the state of Ohio in United States, located in the county of Cuyahoga, the most popular in Ohio. This city is located to the south of the Lake Erie and the Pennsylvania border is 60miles away from Cleveland. Cleveland is now turning out to be the best business hub of the area and getting popular on the tourism side. It has several famous attractions and other places in it. More details about the main Cleveland is available from the following site.

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Places to visit in Cleveland and tours

Planning for a Cleveland trip involves a lot of preparation. First, you have to plan the places where you are going to visit in Cleveland. Depending on the places, you have to book your hotels and accommodations. Then you have to plan about the means of travel like renting a car or jeep or using the public transportation. The most important thing you have to check is the weather condition in Cleveland during your period of visit.

To solve some of your problem, we suggest you some hotels in Cleveland that may suit you for your stay in Cleveland. Check it out.

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To check out the weather condition Cleveland use the following website. In addition to the weather, you can also get some suggestions on the best season to visit Cleveland.

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Traveling in Cleveland is quite difficult, as traffic in Cleveland is high. Get information about the traffic in local and hot spot areas of Cleveland from the following site.

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