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Cleveland has a very moderate continental climate. It has a humid and warm summer and cold and snowy winters. Closely located Lake Erie shoreline that turns sharply northeast near the mouth of Cuyahoga causes the typical climate with the lake freezing in mid November. Experiencing around 100 inches of snowfall in winter, Cleveland has the peak summer in June when temperature can go up to 25-29 degrees Celsius. Normal yearly precipitation is 38.7 inches. Careful reading of our tour guides and articles on weather in Cleveland can help you choose the right time for enjoying the Cleveland tour on vacation or business purposes.
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Cleveland Weather: Best Months to Visit Cleveland and the Events Held during that Time

Cleveland, Ohio has a number of great things to offer. There are incredible sights and sounds and tastes to explore all through the year but if you want to make your trip worth a lifetime of memories, we suggest using our guide to the best months to visit Cleveland and enjoying the events that are organized during those periods.

Spring season is often peppered with thunder and rainstorms that can interfere with the sightseeing. Winter is far too cold to be able to have fun and is hence, best avoided. For best results you should visit either in the summer or in autumn. The months from May to October are a good time. September and October are the ideal months as the weather is great and there is much to do and explore in the city at the time.

The fall season in Cleveland sees a number of events. One of the most popular is the Elyria Apple Fest, which honors the traditions of apple cultivation and orchards off the region. A parade is organized, yummy dishes with apple recipes are available and one can enjoy live performances, craft stalls, competitions and events.

Ohio Heritage Days organized at the end of September is a fete spread over 2 days that is a platform for artists and craftsmen and exhibitions and vendors from all over to come together and display and sell unique goods and services.

Selecting Perfect Attractions in Cleveland for All Weather Condition: Never Get Bored

Cleveland is a great travel destination for all seasons. There are many attractions in the city of Clevelandwhich you can visit in any time of the year. Given below are some of the must see attractions on Cleveland:

Cleveland Museum of Natural History: Located at 1 Wade Oval Drive University Circle, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History offers education of nature, natural diversity and sustainable future to the visitors. The permanent exhibits include The Genographic Project, Feildwork-life at the Singer Lake Bog, T-REX-remains of the most formidable hunter the earth has ever known, and other dinosaurs' exhibits.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: A must see for all music lovers, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an unique museum dedicated to different genres of music, especially rock. With the most amazing memorabilia from the most famous musicians the world has ever seen, the museum pays tribute to man's favorite and oldest form of art. There are special events held all round the year like free music concerts and live shows that you can attend at your ticket cost.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Great Lakes Science Center: The Great Lakes Science Center is an educational facility and museum that is dedicated to education on science and technology and the interdependence of humans and environment. The exhibits include NASA Glenn, Science Phenomenon, Biomedical Technology Gallery, Polymer Funhouse, Steamship William G Mather, and Alternate Energy. Remember to take your young one to the Onimax Theater within the museum to see wonderful children movies.

Great Lakes Science Center

Make Full Preparation for Your Cleveland Vacation - Weather Conditions and Hottest Sightseeing Spots

Lake Erie contributes to a large measure in keeping Cleveland climatically affable to her residents as well as visitors almost throughout the year. The breeze from the lake makes the summer benign and during the winter season, a little warmth spreads throughout the city. That said, some thunderstorm and tornado activities are inescapable. Spring and fall are moderate and winters are often accompanied by overcast skies.

The day time during July and August which marks the summer in Cleveland are typically humid and hot but the evenings turn comfortable with cool breezes from the lake. During September and October, the sun is warm in Cleveland and early in November the average temperature shifts to the 60 degrees level. Winter temperatures hover around the 30 degree mark, but the lake breezes will help check the chillness in the weather.

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Spring in Cleveland can be tricky. The mornings start off on a sunny note, but the sky becomes overcast towards the afternoons. The temperatures pegs around the 50 degree mark during this period.

Even with all those variants, summer is the busiest season in Cleveland. Plenty of festivals, sporting events, outdoor cafes, farmers' markets all are arrayed for the large number of travelers who arrive here during this time frame. Obviously you should expect services from the hospitality to be priced at peak levels during this time frame.

Cleveland offers a wide range of attractions to her visitors. Topping the list are the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame which is a treasure trove for music memorabilia. The Cleveland Museum of Art is among the largest museums in the nation and the only one to offer free admission to its permanent collections. The Great Lake Science center is another important attraction to be included in your not to be missed list and particularly so if your are traveling with young children.

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Cleveland Travel Guide - Seasonal Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather plays an important role in drawing up your vacation itinerary. In planning a Cleveland vacation, there are three seasons to consider. The peak season, the shoulder season, and the off season should be carefully examined to understand what suits your needs best.

Most seasons in Cleveland are significantly impacted by the breeze from Lake Erie and that makes Cleveland nearly an year round destination, except perhaps for peak winter days. The summer days between July and August will see the maximum flow of tourists in to Cleveland. Most hospitality services will be priced at their peak levels during this season. However, given the fact that hotel tariffs in Cleveland are generally affordable even a 20% increase for seasonal factors would not be overwhelming. Summer is also the time when Cleveland hosts a series of cultural festivals, sporting events and special outdoor events. An occasional thunderstorm or tornado should be expected during this period. But, these events do not last long and you may be put off by just a few hours.

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The shoulder season in Cleveland is the spring and Fall. However, you should be prepared for some snow storms that come unannounced during March. For those arriving in April or May rainwear and umbrellas are strongly recommended. During autumn the seasonal factors are pretty much under control and you can enjoy the flora and fauna. Week ends during this period will see the hotel rates moving up. Planning a mid-week trip will work to your advantage though.

January through March Cleveland experiences wintry and cold temperatures. Yet devotees of music, dance and theater do flock to Cleveland during this time disregarding the possible discomforts of cold climate. Visitors arriving during the winter holidays should reserve their hotel accommodation well ahead of the scheduled arrival.

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Weather in Cleveland OH - What is the Best Time to Go

Vacationers planning a trip to Cleveland tend to consider July/August ideal though the temperatures get in to the hot and humid zone. For families with kids, this time frame often offers lots of advantageous particularly from the school schedules and related issues.

Hot and humid does not make Cleveland uncomfortable because the evening breeze from Lake Erie will help in making things benign for you. During the winter too, Lake Erie will spread some warmth across the city so you don't feel the chill. Some thunderstorm and tornado activities should be expected during winter though.

When you have the ability to schedule a trip to Cleveland during the most comfortable days, choose spring and fall. However you should keep a few extra days in your itinerary because this is also somewhat tricky season in Cleveland. The mornings greet you with sunny note, and the sky can get overcast with little notice towards the afternoon. This can bring along some mobility issues depending on your precise plans for the day.

When you pout aside the minor discomfort from moderate to high temperatures during summer in Cleveland, there is plenty on offer. The series of annual festivals, farmers' markets, sporting events, outdoor cafes are all arrayed during this time frame. And, this is also the time when you will find larger number of tourists in Cleveland.

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Guides on Getting the Best Accommodation & Touring under Best Weather in Cleveland

Touring Cleveland in a beautiful weather is always entertaining. You would love to stay in the city, especially, when the weather is acceptable.

There are lots of stay option in Cleveland. You would find all sorts of accommodation available in the city.

There are 5 star hotels, hotels for extended stay option, and you also have cheap and discounted hotels available in the city.

Here are few hotels where you could reside during your stay in Cleveland.

Best western has a presence in more than one place in Cleveland. You would be able to book rooms at Cleveland, and enjoy your stay at Cleveland.

Best western hotel at Cleveland

Hyatt regency Cleveland at the arcade is probably one of the best hotels in the city, and you would be amazed at the quality of service you would get on your stay.

They have large spacious rooms, though the prices are on the higher side, yet the hotel is worth a try.

Hyatt regency hotel Cleveland

If you are looking for an extended stay option in the city of Cleveland, try to book rooms at Embassy suites, as you are likely to get extended stay facilities at the hotel.

Extended stay option at Cleveland

Still not satisfied with the hotels, then search extensive list of Cleveland hotels at one travel source, and you would perhaps get one of your choices.

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