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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport handles over 2,200 flights every week to over eighty destinations. Non-stop flights to some of the major destinations like Miami take off from the airport every day. Cleveland is connected by air route with all the major cities and destinations in America and Europe. Air Canada, American Eagles, and Continental Airlines are some of the major air services running from the airport. Real time updates on the status of arriving and departing flights to Cleveland is available in our guide as well as in the live status information provided for viewers.
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Make Your Trip Easier - Touring Guide to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is located close to 16 kilometres away from the centre of the city, and once you reach the airport, you would know why, though, the airport is small, yet it has some very remarkable amenities.

If you have arrived by your own car, you would find car parking. It's up to you to choose long term parking or short term parking.

You would also come across car hire services just near the car park area.

As you enter the Cleveland Hopkins international airport, you would find that the airport has only one terminal.

Check the ticketing counter, if you want to withdraw cash from the ATMs, you would find ATM's on the spaces near to the ticketing counter.

Before you enter the terminal, you would come across many eateries lined up at the ticketing counter floor.

You would also find coffee shops and fast food restaurants to fill your stomach just before you fly out from the Cleveland Hopkins international airport.

Shops are located in the ticketing floor. There are beauty shops, and a leather good shop.

You would also find conference centre and a business meeting place right near the ticketing counter.

Now enter the airport terminal and get a full view of the terminal, you would come across telephone booths scattered across the terminal.

In case you need to book a hotel at the Cleveland Hopkins international airport, book Sheraton airport hotel which is right on the airport.

Explore the Beauty of the City: Truth of Taking Advantage of Cheap Flights To Cleveland

The City of Cleveland is one of the most beautiful in the United States of America. It is never short of sightseeing attractions and has something for everyone throughout the year. Especially lovers of art will find their paradise in this city.

You can get many cheap flights from London, UK to Cleveland, OH. You can travel through American Airlines for just $926 or you could book a reservation with KLM for $775 per person.

Cheap Flights to Cleveland from London

If you are in Chine and are hunting for some airlines that offer cheap flight tickets than look no further. There are many airlines like Air China which will cost you just $237 for a round trip. You could also opt for Continental Airways which charges $108 per trip to Cleveland from China.

Cheap Flights to Cleveland from China

There are many flight tickets which you can get from Seattle, WA to Cleveland, OH. You can easily book the tickets online and you also get to compare the prices of different airlines flying from Seattle to Cleveland through companies like Expedia, Priceline, Bing and many others.

You can fly a round trip for $711 in Delta Airlines and US Airways.

Cheap Flights to Cleveland from Seattle

Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air France, United, Delta and Continental are some of the Airlines that fly from Ibiza, Spain to Cleveland, OH.

A round trip in these cheap flights would cost you about $1500 per person. You could also opt for the discount or different gift hampers for frequent flyers.

Cheap Flights to Cleveland from Ibiza

If you can reduce your travel expenses when making a trip to the city, it would just be the icing on the cake. The best way to get cheap flights to the city is to book a round trip. In some cases, this can work out to be cheaper than the one-way ticket. Weird, but it is true.

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