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A museum-cum-educational facility, the Great Lakes Science Center is located at the North Coast Harbor of Cleveland's downtown area. The exhibits at the museum consist are based on science and technology. An Omnimax theatre, a restaurant and a meeting area are some of the facilities at the museum. The Bridge of Fire and the Polymer Funhouse are among the signature exhibits of the museum. There is a Science Store from where one can purchase books, puzzles, games and many such things. To learn about things like how to visit the museum and hotels and restaurants around it, you can find useful information from our travel articles.
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Visitors Guide to Great Lakes Science Center: Kids Educational Facility for Brain-Building Trip

Great Lakes Science Center holds exhibition that focus on helping children understand their relation with environment, technology as well as science. The exhibitions showcase natural environment such as the US Great Lakes region. There are a number of facilities included such as Omnimax Theater, a restaurant, meeting space and the traveling exhibits.

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Great Lakes Science Center was inaugurated in the year 1996. The signature of the center exhibits concentrate on 3 major areas such as science phenomenon, technology and Great Lakes environment. Outreach program made its debut in between 2005/2006. In 2006, started the museum's summer science camps, and Great Summer Science. These camps offer educational facilities to help the child grow smart and develop their brains in a fun filled manner.

Children from kindergarten to the 8th grade participate in the campaigns organized by Great Lakes Science Center. Once they have attained a particular age, they are trained to conduct the science based campaigns. Volunteers of the 9th grade are also welcome. A wind turbine was established in 2006 by the science museum. In the year 2007, the Great Lakes Science Center completed installation of 156 panel solar array creating a semi circle at Science Center's entryway.

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The science center located between North Coast Harbor's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium offers ample parking space. The science center is linked to a parking space that can accommodate more than 500 cars.

If you are visiting Cleveland, make sure you are taking your children to the Great Lakes Science Center which promises great fun and excellent educational fulfilled activities for your kids.

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Since its opening in 1996, Great Lakes Science Center has set itself as a museum and educational facility in Cleveland. It pays great emphasis on science, technology, and interdependence between human and the environment. Many of exhibits inside the museum are about natural environment in the Great Lakes region. Featuring a number of hands-on exhibits, themed traveling exhibitions and the fabulous OMNIMAX Theater, Great Lakes Science Center shows a world of exploration and education to numerous travelers every year.

The major attractions in Great Lakes Science Center include the main museum, OMNIMAX and William G. Mather. As for the admission, Great Lakes Science Center offers flexible pricing options for visitors. Visitors are allowed to buy combination tickets for 2 or more places with savings. To explore hours and detailed admission, click:

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Are you wondering whether there is any way to cut expense? Though the ticket pricing of Great Lakes Science Center is reasonable, in order to maintain its statue as a customer-friendly place in Cleveland, the museum offers savings opportunities under certain conditions. Now set out and discover coupons and discounts in Great Lakes Science Center!

Online coupons or coupon codes for Great Lakes Science Center may be available from time to time. Some of these coupons are just for general admission, and others are only for discounts in gift shops or OMINIMAX Theater. Anyway, once you find access to coupons online, grab it! Here are some websites to secure coupons or coupon codes: is a versatile website offering information and links to online coupons, coupon codes for a wide range of goods, including groceries, accessories, books, clothes, as well as travelling discounts. So if you are planning a trip to Great Lakes Science Center or anywhere else, you are suggested to check on this website. is also a reputable website for coupons and discounts for various brands, on-line stores and in-store retailers. Here you can even find coupons for airlines and hotels!

Here is a link where you can find coupons for OMNIMAX ticket, with which you can get 2% off admission to the theater inside the Great Lakes Science Center:

OMNIMAX Theater Discounts

Coupons offline are more likely to find than online coupons. You can come across them in the local tourist bureau, local magazines, tourist brochures or even hotel lobbies. So when you are in Cleveland, pay attention to any possible place for local attraction coupons.

When it comes to discounts offered by Great Lakes Science Center, there are 6 main ways to save money, including: senior discounts, youth discounts, youth free, group sales and memberships.

Senior discounts are available for visitors over 65 years and up. For every individual of 65 years olds and older (without membership), they just need to pay $8.95 for either General Admission or OMNIMAX. In addition, combination ticket prices are just $19.95 for 4 attractions!

Youth discounts are available for youth aged 2-18 (without membership). The General Admission or OMNIMAX tickets are $7.95, and $18.95 for combination tickets of 4 attractions.

Youth free is applied to the General Admission on Tuesdays when the youth under 18 is accompanied by an adult. (Not to OMNIMAX Theater or William G. Mather.)

Group sales offer discounted rates for any group of 10 and more members. Reservation is necessary for group discounts. Full payment and final numbers should be submitted 2 weeks before arrival. Call at (216) 621-2400, or email to

Membership allows one to enjoy entire year free and unlimited admission to Great Lakes Science Center and William G. Mather, and discounted prices for OMNIMAX films. Besides, other benefits include a one-time complimentary parking and guest member policy. With the membership, free general admission is available to over 250 science centers and museums in the world. For detailed membership options and benefits, you can check on the web or call at (216) 696-2112.

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Great Lakes Science Center Hours & Visiting Information

Opened in 1996, the Great Lakes Science Center is a wonderful museum for people to gain a deep understanding of science, technology and environment. It's situated in downtown Cleveland, Ohio and very close to the Browns Stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Thanks to various facilities and exhibitions like the Advanced Energy Exhibits, the BioMedTech Gallery and the Big Science Shows, the Great Lakes Science Center offers very visitor a phenomenal learning experience. It's really a great place to learn while having a good time.

The Great Lakes Science Center opens all the year around except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Normally, its operation hours begin at 10 a.m. and end until 5 p.m.

One of the best-loved attractions inside the Museum counts as the Steamship William G. Mather. In May, September and October, the Steamship would only open from Friday through Sunday. However, when it comes to June, July and August, it opens 7 days per week. The opening hour of the Steamship is at 11 a.m. while its closing time is at 5 p.m.

What you should really bear in mind is that the operation hours are subject to changes without notice. For the latest information about operation hours, you can visit the official website of the Great Lakes Science Center.

Information about the Great Lakes Science Center's Opening Hours

With a couple of attractions inside, the Museum offers different packages for visitors to choose their interesting ones flexibly. As a result, its admission fees are somewhat complex.

Admission fee for general exhibits, including admission to the Science Center as well as the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, is 9.95 dollars per adult and 7.95 dollars for children aged 2 to 18. As there is a discount for senior, student and military, their general exhibits ticket would be 8.95 dollars.

Admission fee of the OMNIMAX Theater is just the same as General Admission's. It would be $9.95 per adult and 8.95 dollars for senior, students and military. Ticket price for youth aged 2 to 18 is 7.95 dollars.

For those whose destination is the William G. Mather, admission fee is a bit cheaper. It would cost adults 6.95 dollars and youth (from 2 to 18) 4.95 dollars. Discounted ticket price for senior, students and military is 5.95 dollars.

Another three packages the Great Lakes Science Center offers are known as the Pick 2 Attractions, the Pick 3 Attractions and the Pick 4 Attractions respectively. These packages are perfectly suitable for visitors who are interested in more than one attraction inside the Museum as they turn out to be economical options. Better still, some special exhibitions might be added to them without any extra charge.

According to its current rates, it takes adults 14.95 dollars to visit 2 attractions, 17.95 dollars for 3 attractions and 21.95 dollars for four. When it comes to youth between 2 and 18 years old, the ticket price is 12.95 dollars for 2 attractions. After that, every additional attraction would be charged 3 more dollars. Ticket for senior, students and military would only cost 1 dollar more than children's ticket.

However, if you intend to save more money on your admission fees, there is a most effective way - being a member of the Museum. The Great Lakes Science Center provides amazing discounts for their members. That is to say if you're a member of the Museum, you will be welcomed to almost any attraction there free of charge.

Only under a few special occasions, you would be charged. Don't worry! Admission fees for members are significantly cheaper than general admission fees.

Additional Visiting Tips: With the information about operation hours and admission fees, we bet you can plan your visit more wisely. However, if you have the following hints in mind, your trips would be definitely perfect.

(1) If you have kids aged 18 or under, try to bring them there on Tuesdays. When accompanied by an adult, they would be able to enjoy free admission to any attractions excluding the OMNIMAZ Theater and the Steamship William G. Mather.

(2) Military should note that discounts are only available for active duty or reservist person. But if you're qualified, you will be allowed to bring with you another visitor who can enjoy the same discounts as yours. Just remember to show your Federal Service or Department of Defense ID.

(3) Please be advised that all the admission fees are also subject to changes. For the newest admission information, visit

Celebrate Birthday at the Great Lakes Science Center: Tips on Choosing Your Birthday Celebrations Package

Cleveland is a steel city in Ohio that ensures lots of enthusiasm for tourists. There are varied reasons for people to come here; and celebration is just one of them. At its Great Lakes Science Center, it allows option and space for celebration galore.

Set in the spectacular backdrop of Lake Erie, it gives the vista of city skyline through its accommodative plaza. Replete with audio-visuals and great parking spaces, you just have to come and post yourself in Great Lakes for a highly satisfying day.

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There are three categories for birthday parties: Birthday Bash, Birthday Bonanza and Birthday Blowout. At $410, you get a customized celebration, all with 100 guests, in-house cake, festoons and party events. You may even add a staff led demonstration for an added $30. Most people do not mind spending an extra farthing on such celebrations and kids' days are made on such days.

You will also get additional free parking space per invitations. You just have to ensure that kids remain well-behaved with some leeway for their obvious revelry.

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It also is up for grabs to host anniversaries, official parties and other events. Being smartly spacious and with such opulent neighborhood, kids and family just adore the atmosphere. Special events are held here with aplomb, ranging from school events to teacher's teaching details.

This place ensures that Cleveland people may spend their days welding steel, but their occasional evenings are spent bonding with each other.

Great Lakes Science Center Parking Information

If you are planning on a family vacation in Cleveland, consider Great Lakes Science Center. There are many interesting activities in this spacious, beautiful building. The center also provides open and unstructured atmosphere for parental interaction with kids. Your kids will experience wind turbine and solar panels. Bring this fun-filled and brain-building experience to your little ones.

Where is the Great Lakes Science Center located? Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center sits at 601 Erieside Avenue, at the foot of East 9th Street and the Shoreway between the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the new Browns Stadium.

Familiarize yourself with the driving routes first, if you intend to drive to the Great Lakes Science Center. Driving from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, take I-71 North and exit at East 9th Street. Head towards north on East 9th Street and turn left onto Eireside Avenue. You will find the center soon.

If traveling from Akron, take I-77 North to East 9th Street exit and turn right on East 9th Street. Drive north on East 9th Street and turn left onto Erieside Avenue. The Erieside Avenue will bring you to the Great Lakes Science Center.

If driving from Eri, take I-80 West to East 9th Street exit. Follow signs to East 9th Street. Then drive towards north on East 9th Street until you pick up the Erieside Avenue. The Great Lakes Science is located at 601 Erieside Avenue.

If traveling from Youngstown, take I-80 to 480 West to I-77 North to East 9th Street. And take East Street North until you reach the Erieside Avenue.

For those who drive to the Great Lakes Science Center, another piece of important information is parking. Parking is available at the Great Lakes Science Center with 500 car parking spaces. The parking garage is located on the west side of the center facing the stadium. Special rates are available for patrons who buy Science Center tickets.

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Cars and Other Vehicles Parking - Visitors can park their vehicles (not exceeding 6′10″) at the Great Lakes Science Center parking lot at a parking fare of $5.75 with validated ticket. And parking rates are subject to change. These vehicles are not allowed on the driveway unless they are used for physically handicapped visitors.

However, parking is not available at the Great Lakes Science Center parking garage on Browns Game Days. Browns Game usually occurs on January 2, November 7, 14 and 28 as well as December 26. If you want to gain more info, dial 216-696-4338. Area parking rates also will increase significantly on these days. So plan your visit accordingly. You can check all events scheduled for the day you plan to visit on this page:

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Bus Parking - Bus parking is not available at the Great Lakes Science Center parking lot. But you can park the bus at the Port Authority Lot which is located at north of Cleveland Browns stadium. For groups visiting the center, the parking rate for bus is $10. The identification needs to be obtained on arrival. The center staff will direct drivers.

Great Lakes Science Center Address, Maps and Directions Information

While exploring downtown Cleveland, you may stop at the Great Lakes Science Center, which is a museum and educational facility at the same time. You can delve into the center's signature exhibits that focus on three major areas: science phenomenon, biomedical technology and Great Lakes environment. Learn more about space exploration in the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and have an unforgettable cinematic experience at the Cleveland Clinic OMNIMAX Theater.

Where is the Great Lakes Science Center? The center sits between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium. You can find it at North Coast Harbor on the shore of Lake Erie. The GPS address is 601 Erieside Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114. The fax number is +1 216 696 2140. You can also contact by phone at 216-694-2000 or email at

Many Cleveland well-known landmarks are located nearby the Great Lakes Science Center - one of the leading science and technology centers. Voinovich Park, Erieview Plaza and the Cleveland Mall are within a short way from the center. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium are just close to the center museum.

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Great Lakes Science Center can be reached easily through many directions. Both private vehicles and public transportation can take you to the center conveniently.

1) Many people prefer driving tours for convenience. Visitors to Great Lakes Science Center can have ample parking at the center's attached 500-car parking facility. Special rates are offered for Science Center guests. Follow the directions below and get to the center with ease.

Guests from the airport can drive on I-71 North and take exit on East 9th Street. Proceed northward on East 9th Street. You should turn left onto Eriside Avenue at the intersection.

When coming from Akron, you can drive along I-77 North towards East 9th Street. Keep on driving on the right and follow the road signs to East 9th Street. Drive North on the street. After getting to the crossing, you can turn left onto Erieside Avenue.

Tourists from Erie should take I-90 West towards the East 9th Street exit. You should turn right on East 9th Street and switch left onto Erieside Avenue. If you're coming from Youngstown, drive along I-80 to 480 West. Continue to drive on I-77 North to East 9th Street. Then you can turn left onto Erieside Avenue.

The Science Center can be reached from all these freeways. After arriving at the North Coast Harbor and driving left onto Erieside Avenue, you can drive past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then the Science Center will be right in the north side of the street. Just look for the silver dome.

Interactive Driving Directions for Great Lakes Science Center

2) Public transportation also provides an easy and affordable way for guests to the Great Lakes Science Center. RTA stations are located at Tower City at Public Square. You can also take the Waterfront Line to the Science Center at the East 9th Street Station. The Galleria Trolley at the entrance of the Galleria provides free services at East 9th Street. But trolley service is only available in summer months.

Great Lakes Science Center has 3 dining facilities for visitors. You can enjoy various delicacies in different cuisines. If you want to have a tasty break from your exploration, the Elements Cafe on the lower level can be the right place. This distinct restaurant features kids meals, tasty sandwiches, grill items, and weekly specials. Many great restaurants are also located near the Science Center.

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